How can you ship items cheap?!

  1. I use FedEx, and my flatrate HAS to be $7.50 because it's so expensive. I don't know why. I also ship with a business, which makes that easier.

    To ship with USPS, it's still like $4.00. But *I* get often times from being the buyer, $2.00 things in the mail under "Media Mail." What is that-- it's cheap for a reason, right?

    Anyway, if you're buying anything other than something heavy like footwear, would you consider $7.50 to be way too expensive? Depending on the person's zip code, it can be more than that and cut into what they bought to cover it which doesn't effect them of course. But FedEx I can actually ship the same day or next day if it's late, while with USPS I have to go see how much it will be on a day I can get there, and then tell the buyer, and then ship when can make it there.

    I just feel like I might be missing out on business-- or am I not from how eBay sellers usually squeeze more money through the shipping?
  2. no, $7.50 is fine for footwear IMO.
    If you ship Priority mail it would be close to the same price depending on the type of shoes, I ship everything Priority because they offer free shipping supplies.