How can you protect the bronze hardware from tarnish?

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  1. I just want to know if any of you ladies apply any kind of protection
    on the bronze hardware on our bags...?
    Like the buckles, zipper pulls, lock and keys, etc...:confused1:
    I was wondering if I could apply a colorless nail polish
    to protect them from getting scratched or tarnished...:Push: :shrugs:
    or is there a product out there that could be used...?:s

  2. I don't use any chemicals on it to protect them, but I do use Brasso to polish them sometimes.
  3. nailpolish would only be a temporary solution -- it will peel off. Brasso is your best bet...that's good stuff!
  4. Thanks Irissy and divabeads! I'll have to look for brasso.:flowers:
  5. i don't use anything except polish the hardware with a soft cloth after every use. in this way, you can prevent moisture and rust from building up. also, you should make sure that you wrap your bag well in silk paper before you put it back in the box. this is what i normally do with my chanel bags.
  6. I use brasso and it makes everything look brand new again.
  7. Rust is the result of oxidation and you can prevent it by reducing moisture in the air
    I store my bags and all expensive jewelery in my sauna that my family NEVER uses...
    The room is dark (slows the patina process), the wood helps to absorb moisture, and I also turn on this 'sucking air' venting system lol a few times a month to dry up the room even more.
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