HOW can you let this happen . . ???

  1. So!

    I have JUST NOW recovered enough of my eyesight to type this .... but I just saw the worst case of Coach abuse I have ever seen.

    One of our best vendors was just here to visit w/ me about their billing and the first thing I noticed as she was approaching me was that she was carrying at Legacy Stripe Tote. We sit down and start to go through her stuff and she sets her bag on my desk and I swear I almost fainted.

    This bag was filthy, had marks from a magic marker on looked like it had been run over by a car. I was in total shock. My patchwork duffle was sitting near my montior and she commented on how nice it was and I said, "I see you have a Legacy tote.... "

    She said, all happy, "Yes! I just love that bag I carry it everywhere! It was REALLY too expensive for just a purse but it goes with everything. I'm not much of a 'bag lady' but when I saw this I had to have it."

    In my imaginary world, I made this face : :wtf:

    I don't know...maybe it's just me...but I put down a clean paper towel on my desk every day and I put my bag on it! I would NEVER think to abuse any lovely Coach bag (esp. something as gorgeous as a Legacy tote!) in such a manner.
  2. This can be a sensitive subject, especially when it comes to saying people abuse their bags.

    Everyone uses them differently, and the great thing about Coach is that it's quality allows for them to safely do that. If she was happy with her bag, and loves it enough to carry it everywhere, then of course it will get dirty. Accidents happen, I doubt the marker was an intentional thing, and despite people's best intentions, some things happen that you just can't control.

    Be happy for her that she has and loves her Coach bag, I think it's great. :smile:
  3. I've said it many times before, I put my bag on the floor / floor of my car / ground etc. My bags are not abused, they are treated as though they are a handbag, albeit a pricey one but I'm not stomping on it.

    I don't think setting a bag on a desk without paper towel or putting a bag on the ground is abuse, to be honest- i'd look at you like you were crazy if I saw you gently laying out paper towel to put your bag on :p
  4. Good point! And I hadn't considered that!

    Then I guess I'm crazy (and germ-o-phobic, too!)...

    I prefer to 'kid glove' my bags.... I just can't help it.
  5. I hate when I see extremely dirty bags. It's nice that you love them and use them everyday, but I do the same with a lot of my bags, and NONE of them come remotely close to looking that bad.

    A girl I knew last year had a Scribble (the pastel one) hobo and it was filthy.
  6. I'm the same way with my bags. I don't baby them and they hold up great. That's one of the reasons I love Coach. :smile:
  7. I give my bags the "royal treatment" when they're brand-new but after the newness wear off, the babying stops. If I notice a spot or if its starting to look dirty, I'll clean her up. I don't neglect them. But I would never lay a papertowel down for her to sit on! LOL too cute! ;)
  8. I'm with you Voodoo. My bags never, ever touch the floor. That is just gross. My bags always get the treatment, when I got out to eat they get their own chair. I know to some it might be silly. But I would never put my bag on the ground or carry a dirty purse. That's just me.

  9. This is just how I am too. I definately don't "baby" my bags, but I don't abuse them either. The only thing I don't do is put my bags on the floor at a movie theater or in a restaurant if the floors are really disgusting, which they usually are! :p
  10. More than anything, I am surprised that she would spend a lot of money on a bag knowing that she was most likely going to beat the crap out of it and ruin it. The signature stripe tote isn't exactly the sturdiest of bags, either. If you are willing to spend the money and know you are hard on your bags, why not go with leather and get something that will last a little longer?

    As for me, I guess I am in the middle - I give them the respect they deserve. :p I will put them on the floor in my home but not in a public place. I will put them on my car floor, too. I very rarely have passengers in my car so it's usually pretty clean. I have been known to put them on the ground but that's only when absolutely necessary. I don't baby my bags, yet I would say that I take very good care of them.

    We are all different and we all have different priorities, I guess! :yes:
  11. Well I truely Love my bags, but I do use them. Not abuse them. I do have a place next to my desk, (on the floor) that I put my bag. That is the only floor I put my bag. (I know how clean it is). It doesn't ever get placed on the floor anywhere else. I don't know what is on those floors.
  12. Maybe she has kids that have gotten their fingers on it hehe
  13. I, too, hate it when I see abused (dirty & filthy) handbags (especially LV, ugghhh...). I understand that people treat their bags in different ways, but do they mean for them to get that dirty? Maybe I'm just being too neat-freak, haha.
  14. everyone has their own way of handling their personal belongings, and since she paid for it with her money, she has every right to do what she wants with it, whether we like it or not.
  15. Like others have said, I am glad she had a REAL Coach bag and was proud to use it. I agree that I would have chosen a darker leather bag for an everyday tote, but to each their own.

    I do baby my bags, but that is more for me being a germophobe than to keep the bag pristine. I am aware that bags get used and get worn out at some point. But I personally don't like putting a bag on a bathroom counter (or FLOOR :wtf:) or restaurant floor and then putting it under my arm close to my body. It just gives me the heebee-jeebies. But I guess that's no one's problem except my own!

    It is their money and their bag and I guess they can treat it however suits them.