How can you be attached to a bag that you've never worn??

  1. Ok. So I'm taking pics of my White/Python reporter to list on ebay and I get the urge to try it on.

    So next I end up in the bathroon, looking at the mirror. And i'm imagining what different outfits I can wear with it :Push:

    How stupid is that? I have had this bag FOREVER and never used it. Now when I need to sell it to make a little money I get attached.:upsidedown:

    Has this ever happened to anyone?

    I have listed a bunch of my stuff on ebay before and felt sentimental but this was stuff that I'd worn and used before.

    I've never even worn this bag and I'm getting all weird. Now I'm thinking that I should sell the black/white one instead. I don't feel all mushy when I try that one on. LOL

    I think it because the color is so harsh and dark. The white one is so clean, and crisp....But the black is classic

    Argh. I dunno. :s

    Just had to share. Think I'll sleep on it. One of those babies has got to go.
  2. I think we get attached to stuff cause when we bought it we were excited and happy so selling it seems sad. I had a Coach bag my DH bought me about 8 years ago..I recently sold it but it was sorta sad!
  3. It happens to me with shoes all the time!
  4. I think you should reconsider selling this one. Your emotions are telling you to not let it go.
  5. Iluvbags-Post a pic of it I want to see it what it looks like, Thanks!
  6. I was taking pictures of a bunch of my Coach bags to sell them and after taking them all out I decided I couldn't sell them afterall. :yes:
  7. ^^simlar thing happened to me with my reporter...You better think about this one! If you do decide to sell, make sure you price it at something you can live with...It may be next to impossible to find this baby again! (reread post, the one that got away!)
  8. That always happens to me; however, once the money from the sale is in my bank account and the bag has left the nest, I get over it *really* fast!

  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. That happens to me with more things that just bag :P
    Like selling my car, when I have it all nice and clean then I go back and I really want to sell it.
    funny thing huh?