How can you afford your Chanel?

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  1. I own only 1 Chanel bag and it's actually a hand me down from my mother. I've been contemplating on purchasing "my own" Chanel but I can't decide which one (although I have been leaning towards Diamond Stitch).... as a matter of fact I have been lurking onto here for some ideas and advice but more on that later.

    The question I have for now is: How can you afford your Chanel handbag? I'm asking this because I see that many of you on here are very young, some even teenagers. I, on the other hand, am in my early 30s and I make good money (well, I know that's subjective but I am short of 6 figures) and YET, it never seems like a good time for me to splurge like this. I guess what I really would like to know is: how some of you are able to own a few if not more of bags that cost $2500 each and this is only an average price.

    Do you have not car/mortgage payments? Do you not take vacations? I'm just wondering....
  2. i work part time (still at uni) and i save and save and save and save. But I am lucky I still live at home so don't have many expenses. there are so many "better" things i could spend my money on- but chanel is so much more fun
  3. i think there are a couple of these threads floating around... but i'm a grad student that worked for about a year, so i was able to save a good amount to afford a few and some more, hehe. i live with my bf during the school year so i only have to pay half the rent.. and the only other bills i have to take care of are my cc, which really dont amount to much during the school year. (summer is a different story though!)

    i don't know what answer you're looking for, but if you really love something, that should be reason enough for you to splurge on it... shouldnt it?
  4. Well I save, I only own 2 Chanels the number 3 is on its way, I´m 31, and I get two bounous payments each year, so mostly that money goes in to desginer bags.... I also try to get them on sales ( gucci haves amazing sales here, as for LV and Chanel they never give sales on they handbags) and well as for clothing and stuff I have to designer outlets that sell amazing stuff but you just to have to keep going and some time you find some really amazing good offer.... I don´t have kids, and I´m not married, I live in europe so travelling is verry easy and we have amazing places near, I use public transportation because is safe, is clean, faster, and is cheaper, so hope this answers your question, maybe you can buy it at a sale since they are on sale.....
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    Here are some threads on this topic, although you are a little older in age. Oftentimes the "older" gals will chime in with their advice! And I'll be blunt, which is nothing unusual in here, we have some younger members (teenagers/college gals) with extensive collections who's parents fund their purchases. None of my business I know, and good for them. We also have a lot of members who work hard and save. I am 48 and have some Chanel debt, but I'm okay with it. In my twenties, I used to be fanantical about paying my credit cards in full. I've since lightened up. When I'm dead and 10 feet under, I doubt the banks are going to send someone to dig me up and ask for money! I am also single with no dependents; if I had children, their needs would certainly come before mine. I don't travel much; I'm a homebody; wear casual, non-designer clothes and shoes, and have no desire to drive a fancy car. I have loved handbags since I was a teenager. It's all in one's priorities I suppose.
  6. saving up of my allowance.. but i just have two.. if i only work would b wayyy more!! sometimes theres no way to justify spending alot on purses lol.
  7. oh dear now I feel kinda silly... I didn't really save up for the bag and I'm not even working at the moment! My husband bought my chanel jumbo for me and we are going on 2 holidays - one nxt month and one end of this year! So that's probably a bad judgement to purchase a bag at this time. But hey rationality never works when it's about shopping right, esp. when you're a girl! And I suppose you have to have a certain set of priorities and it's different for every one really. Some people prefer to spend their money on things they can enjoy presently (ie. good food, good living, expensive bags, vacations...) and some people rather spend their money on a secured future (ie house, children expenses..) As in my case, we don't have to pay for housing mortage (yet), no kids yet and we're both pretty young too, hence reckless living is justifiable =P
  8. Agree with siennachanel "Some people prefer to spend their money on things they can enjoy presently (ie. good food, good living, expensive bags, vacations...) and some people rather spend their money on a secured future (ie house, children expenses..)"
  9. I look for "good deals" on Ebay :smile:
  10. i have generous parents..but i work hard and get good grades and i love them to death and help them out when i can
  11. i have also wondered about this a couple of times, but then as the saying goes, dont feel guilty for the things that make you happy. I let go or sell my unwanted ones to fund new stuff plus i try to save. and save and save. Hubby pays for all other expenses, so my paycheck are for my chanels and LV's...
  12. My husband nor I smoke, drink, or vacation often, which I think saves quite a bit of money. We also don't have a home beyond our means (Not even the most expensive home we could afford), therefore our mortgage payment is affordable compared to some others. We use our disposable income on the luxuries we appreciate most. For me its bags, shoes, and jeans. For him, its watches and high quality electronics.
  13. Well, I have no payments on my house, and I work really hard, and save all my money, and of course, buy everything with my credit cards, and then just pay it off...
    Also, I worked in designer retail for years, so I had bought tons of designer items and bags, and now, with my Chanel obsession, I just sell off what I don't want on ebay, and use that money to fund my Chanel purchases.
  14. I am in college and work part time and over summer. I saved to get my first bag this summer. I think it's just a matter of your priorities--if theres a will...theres a way!!! :yes: It was incredible how fast the $ added up when I really focused on saving and didn't let myself get tempted by sales on clothes and shoes (where I previously spent wayy too much).
  15. will work for Chanel !!
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