how can u make the classic flap straps shorter?

  1. u know how when they display it they usually loop the strap inside? how do u do that? i know kinda silly but i wanna know how to do that hehe..can anyone instruct me or show me pics of how its supposed to look like? thanks!
  2. if you just shorten the length of the strap (by putting it in the bag), and then close the flap, it should stay the length that you want it.
  3. I adjust the straps first then tie the straps from the inside w/chanel ribbon.
  4. okay thanks for the suggestions :p any other ways?
  5. I think the strap is quite long for me too.
  6. Is it just me??
    I kind of like the jumbo to sit up just a little bit higher than at my hip level.
    has that crossed anyone else's mind?
  7. Yes, that's exactly why I got the med/large and not the jumbo. It would have been nice to be able to adjust the straps, but I didn't know how or if it's possible.
  8. I tried 3 different jumbo caviar flaps when I purchased mine and they all hung differently! I decided on the flap that sat at the hip instead of the one that sat above the hip. I found the one above the hip to be bulky under the arm.
  9. I looked at this one for sometime today and actually like the look of the size better. I think its so cute, but I actually :shame: :s :shame: did a dress rehersal and put my wallet, cosmetic bag in the one at the store to check out the size and it was just too small for me.
  10. since the straps can move around, you just have to pull the straps down on the inside and then knot it. I'm not sure if that makes sense but it does make the straps shorter
  11. Yes, it is possible to shorten the straps on the Jumbo classic. Chanel told me it was ok to do this too. You tie a knot inside the flap and it makes the bag sit higher.
  12. LOL Linda!!! We just talked about this!!! :smile: