How can this be? :(

  1. Granted it obviously a fake...but how in the world has this style gotten replicated already?

    It looks just like the "Ingrid" "Metal of Honor" Isabella Fiore.

  2. Oh, and it was listed on a certain auction an Audra! Duh.
  3. There are fakes of pretty much every popular bag nowadays. I love eBay, but one has to be very careful when looking to buy an authentic bag from there. It's frustrating for both buyers, and sellers who sell authentic bags, since so many potential buyers have become skeptical about what's authentic and what's not.
  4. I know....I seriously don't know how the shady sellers on ebay can live with themselves....duping people out of their money on junk.

    I'm curious as to where it originated from....this bag only came out this past week. I *think.
  5. I know it sucks. A while ago I started a thread showing a fake isabella Fiore bag that I found on a webite. They had a fake Audra Whipflash bag and a fake Metal of Honor Carina.

    It sucks I thought there were no Isabella fakes out yet.....I was wrong

    Check out the other thread that I started called "Isabella Fiore experts". I think i spotted a fake Quilty Pleasures too!!!