How can this be right?!

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  1. I made a purchase from a power seller wasn't terribly expensive, but that's not so much the point...

    Basically, I got an e-mail from the seller saying "oops" the he already sold the item!!!

    I asked for a refund...which came...but it didn't totally calm my frustration. If you have an item for sale it should legitimately be for sale. A "power seller" should know better then to list an item for sale and then turn around and sell it off ebay during the auction period.

    So basically I went to leave negative feedback, because frankly this was a negative experience--he earned each and every ounce of my frustration. But ebay won't let me--they said I have to wait "7 days" from winning...but that doesn't take into account that the item will never come, 7 day or a million days.

    I think this is such a bogus rule. Thank you for letting me vent.
  2. I would have to disagree with you on the negative. Everyone makes mistakes, even powersellers. He refunded you promptly - which if he didn't I could see you getting upset about it.

    Take a deep breath please rethink leaving a negative. I don't feel that this is a case for it.
  3. Hello,

    I just wanted to tell you that I've experienced a similar situation before. A seller (not a powerseller, but still..) sold me a juicy couture phone case. The auction started at .99 cents, and I won the item for about 15 dollars. The seller then told me that they had already sold it to someone on Craig's List.

    I got suspicious, first of all, b/c I went back to check this person's feedback and I noticed that they had done this before: another buyer left neutral feedback as they were disappointed b/c the buyer said their 'dog ate' the juicy couture necklace the person won. I looked at the price, and it was also a relatively low price for the item. My thought was that - I bet this seller used the .99 starting bid/no reserve as a way to get interest, but if the sale didn't go high enough, they made up an excuse.

    Well, since the sale was still in the system, I DID leave neg. feedback for this buyer. They then sent me terrified emails saying that they were supporting their entire family with this income, and that my neg. feedback hurt their business - and to PLEASE let them make it up to me.

    So they said that they would send me another phone case of their "own, personal" collection, if I would revise feedback. I did accordingly, and when I asked the next day for tracking info (that the seller said they would send) the account was closed.

    Bad for me, but in your case, it's ok - just leave the neg. feedback after 7 days. The item won't arrive, but you can say that the seller sold it and didn't remove the auction. Since they're a powerseller, they won't just close their account, and the feedback will stick. Just don't cancel the transaction - if you agree to cancel the transaction, you will not be able to leave feedback. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me, but I do believe that those are the rules.

    I'm so sorry that this happened to you!
    Good luck!
  4. The listing started 3 days ago...I did a BIN....he should have pulled it and been responsible as seller for the product he listed.

    I both buy and sell on ebay. As a seller I have an obligation to my buyers--not only list accurately, but to fulfill my end of the deal. Otherwise I have NO business selling.

    As a buyer I trust that the seller will be forthcoming. If they aren't...they deserve to have that reflected properly in their rating.

    I don't see how this seller doesn't deserve a negative...he owed me a refund, otherwise it would have been theft. That doesn't deserve props for that. It's great that he did so--but only after I asked, he only e-mailed me to tell me "sorry"...and refunded me after I asked. He didn't do anything exceptional...he did what he is required to do. And his actions will now be reflected in his rating.
  5. I agree, if this was truly an honest mistake.
    However, they sold the item even while the auction was running - that doesn't seem like a mistake, that seems like the seller was trying to sell to whomever would buy for the most $/fastest time, etc. Otherwise, why list in more than one place?

    I admit that I've been burned, which is why I am particularly sensitive to the situation - if someone can give a legitimate reason why a seller would do this, I am open to hearing it. But I just don't find that this is a legitimate, reasonable selling practice - selling on two difference places at once is not ethical.

    Again, I'm open to being enlightened about the situation.

  6. I totally agree. If I were selling (and I do sell sometimes as well) I would IMMEDIATELY inform the buyer and give profuse apologies, IF this had been a human error - say, I didn't realize I listed it twice b/c I was a powerseller and was listing 100 items at once. But I would certainly explain my mistake and offer genuine contrite statements, which it doesn't sound like happened in this case. The OP had to ask for a refund, which should have happened as soon as the seller realized if it was a mistake, along with the apologies.

    Just my opinion, again, I'm open to being enlightened as to why a seller would do this, but this is what I read from the situation.
  7. The only time I've ever, as a seller, ran into an issue with a product it was motorcycle jacket. After selling it, I realized that there had been paint spilt on one sleeve. I felt awful, and there was no reason on my end why I shouldn't have noticed it before. I ended up owning my mistake and refunding the seller (before being asked) plus an additional $10 for the inconvenience.

    Now, that's just me and that's how I do business. I felt badly and I did what I could to over compensate the seller. As it stands, I still got neutral feedback--which I didn't contest because frankly the seller was generous with doing that. I messed up, I own that fact and should be penalized for it.

    Isn't that how feedback should work? If we're buying or selling, our rating should accurately reflect how we do business. It's not my responsibility as a buyer to worry about his rating...if he messed up our transaction, he's going to get pinged for it. Because, really, if we don't accurately give our opinions how can anyone ever really bid with confidence? We'd never know what was the truth....and then, we run into issues over and over again...
  8. I agree here. I know it's a tough call, but the seller doesn't sound like he was deliberately trying to abuse the system or inconvenience you. Human error is bound to happen, and it sounds like this case was a result of a mistake, rather than an intentional action. For things like this, I'd leave a neutral. I reserve negatives for more severe issues that are a result of damaging negligence (such as a SNAD item), rudeness/craziness, etc. etc. Anyway, that's just my two cents. I'm sorry you had to suffer the disappointment about the item, but I am relieved that you were refunded promptly and at least apologized to!
  9. I also agree that a neg isn't deserved, we all make mistakes, you got your money back, i would leave a neutral.
  10. If you are that frustrated, maybe you should send the seller a message and confront them on the situation. They may have a perfectly logical and honest explination as to why the listing was still up and going after the item was sold.

    TRY looking at it this way..
    If you were in a store and spotted an item that you really wanted but, someone else picked it up before you and it was the last one..
    It's not the stores fault that you didn't get to it in time.

    I just honestly think that negative feedback is a bit much in a situation like this. Sure you are disappointed that you didn't get the item you wanted but, you also didn't lose out on anything either so, IMO, it's not a completely horrible situation.
  11. WHAT THE HELL!!! i was on the facebook complaining about my little guy who was i am sure trying to buy my items and leave me negative feedback when one of my friends from college told me that someone left him NEGATIVE feedback the HOURS after they auction closed. he posted pics and everything. he tried to get it deleted but he could not.
  12. We don't know this was a mistake. It could have been listed on more than one site and maybe in a local B&M store.
  13. I agree, leave a negative. People are doing this because they change their mind and it really pisses me off.

    I bought a bag, and then 3 days later received a refund. She said her "sister" changed her mind about selling the bag... Blah blah blah, and then wanted her fees back. UGH!
  14. Some people just too easy to post negative feedback-to me negative feedback reserve for scam and fake.
    And yes, one can't leave negative feedback to a power sellers on eBay until 7 days after the transaction end.
  15. #15 Feb 2, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010
    I am still confused as to why negative feedback is unacceptable to many people. If the person had genuinely apologized and taken responsibility for their error, then I would attribute it to human error, and leave a neutral. But according to the buyer, the seller just said "oops," they already sold it. That doesn't really sound like an apology, and it sounds more like the seller had their hands in more than one bucket.

    In my situation, the seller, after being confronted, then said that they had another juicy couture case, almost just like the one that they "already sold" in their "personal collection." ?? That sounds like they did exactly what I suspected they did - they sold it for less than the amount they wanted, and they wanted to find a way out. When penalized and having to face consequences, they subsequently offered a reparation, but then ducked out and closed their account, rather than to be accountable for their actions.

    If as buyers we don't leave negative feedback, how are other people going to know that the seller doesn't behave ethically? I bought a NWT item from a seller with 100% feedback and therefore didn't ask if there was anything wrong with the handbag. When it arrived, there were streaks in the finish. First the seller denied that there was anything wrong with the bag, but then contradicted themselves by saying I could just use an "eraser," and that it was just normal for leather to transfer color. The streaks were UNDER the finish of the bag, and the seller KNEW they were there b/c they said that I could use an "eraser." That's just truly dishonest behavior.

    The seller isn't behaving in the way an honest person would, imo - they didn't apologize, and didn't offer a refund. The buyer had to ask for it. In this case, why would a negative be inappropriate?