How can they sell these for that????

  1. I have a fendi spy I want to sell on eBay brand new with tags still attached and I searched to see what other spy bags are going for and they are selling for around $300-$500.... How is that possible for a bag that's $2000?????? Are they just all fakes?
  2. Unfortunately, yes, they're fakes if they're only $300. No one would sell a $2K bag for $300.
  3. probaly.
  4. Well there are people buying them that makes it hard for me to sell mine when they can get a fake for practically nothing in comparision:tdown:
  5. Yup, fake. It's sad but true and so many people believe they're getting the same thing for a cheaper price.
  6. They are fakes and shouldn't be sold, but I don't think it means that your item will look expensive next to them. Anyone who understands bags and wants a Fendi Spy for its quality will at least surmise that the price differential reflects authenticity. I wouldn't look twice at ridiculously low priced designer bags, but I would take seriously those priced at a realistic level for high end goods. Whilst high price is by no means a guarantee of authenticity and I would remain wary before I had assured myself, I do think low price is almost always revealing of counterfeit products.
  7. Thats why authentic bag sellers are getting thoroughly disgusted with eBay. Too many fake bag sellers selling their garbage at unbelievable prices so next to the price of the real thing yours looks really overpriced. The fees will flatten you if you have to keep relisting. Fee free to put in your auction something about fakes, like
    ***'Don't be fooled by counterfeits! Other bags you see being auctioned are illegal fakes and thats why the prices are so low! If it sounds too good to be true with a designer bag, it probably is! Know what you are bidding on! Research the sellers of these bargain priced handbags. Research the bag itself and compare the characteristics of an authentic bag. Designers construct a style of a bag in EXACTLY the same way including stitches, buckles and linings. Don't be a victim!' ****
    Those that KNOW your bag will KNOW what to look for. Keep in mind that people DO knowingly buy fakes and don't care because they think its still cool to carry a designer bag even if its fake. They don't realize what people are saying behind their backs as they carry these hideous copies walking down the street. Your true collectors will respect what you're saying. You can also use the SAIC referance which means 'Sellers against Illegal Counterfeits'. Alot of buyers are aware of it.
  8. I just sold a spy on eBay for almost $1600. There are savvy buyers who can tell the difference and will pay accordingly.
  9. Thanks for the just makes me so irritated to see this especially when I have something AUTHENTIC to sell. I guess I will try it and see what happens
  10. Good luck and remember how many members there are here who wouldn't touch a fake bag - you do have a market I promise!
  11. This is part of the reason ebay is so popular, people think theyre getting these unbeleivable deals on designer stuff but really its all knockoff. its sad because most fake bags sell for about $100 theyre not worth $400 and i hate seeing people pay that much for a fake.
  12. They're most likely fakes. I know I wouldn't sell an authentic Spy for that! Or they could be stolen, I guess.
  13. They DEFinitely could be stolen but more likely fakes...
  14. I agree with the poster who said to make it a point to include a paragraph about conterfeit bags- there are many knowledgable buyers who will buy your authentic bag, you wouldn't want to fool with people who don't know their bags anyway.
    Good luck with your auction!
  15. Yes, I agree with everyone. A $300 "Fendi Spy" on ebay is 9.9999 times out of ten a fake! I just bought lorihmatthews' (hi! :smile:) beautiful chocolate spy which I am so in love with. I'd been searching ebay for quite a while, and I always "sort by price: high to low." The authentic ones are usually the most expensive (but not always--you'd be surprised at some peoples gall! or ignorance...), and then around the $600 mark and below it's all fakes.

    So, don't worry. There is definitely a market for your lovely bag, and don't feel like you like will get showed up by these fakers. Best of luck!