how can tell if a spy is fake?

  1. I see a lot of spys on eBay. How do you know if it is authentic or not?
  2. You can always post your questions on the authentication thread as well. :yes:
  3. A little bit off the topic, but I was just wondering, are all Fendi Spy's bound to fade over time?? Do certain colours hold up better than other colours? I'm wanting to get a cognac, but have seen some with colour on the bottoms rubbed off... Do the black or choco ones do this too?? :shrugs:
  4. The older Cognac does fade, the black and Chocolate not so much. All new bags are now treated so they do not fade so much. If you bought a brand new Cognac from a shop it would take a lot of wear before it start to show any signs if at all.

    Gucci Fan you can learn a lot by reading the authentic tread on here, by seeing the pictures of what is fake and what is not
  5. I have a fake spy bag on my hands. Yes, I am a sucker but now have educated myself. $400 too late but, live and learn. Mt bag has no clear piece over the end cap. the F's are not lined up perfectly. Oh' well1!!!! :sad:
  6. Are you able to treat the leather with leather conditioner to prevent it from fading quicker?? :confused1::confused1: Oh, and what's considered 'new' cognac?
  7. I've heard people recommend pre-treatment (like apple guard or LMB) but this should only be necessary if it's an early-model spy or if it's taken alot of abuse and you feel that the protective cover has worn. Otherwise, I wouldn't do anything that might affect its original protective covering. I have an older model that I don't think was treated. When it started blushing in areas, Fendi said I could send it to the factory for a "touch up" and re-seal. I decided not to and used a shine restorer instead which turned the blushing area into almost the same color as the original color. It looks amazing now!!! I may send it to Fendi in the future though since I'll probably use it forever, does anyone know how much this costs/how long it takes? Oh, and mine is a dark chocolate color. New cognac would be anything 2006/2007 right?