How can sellers sell some bags so cheap??

  1. I just bought a couple of Marc Jacobs bags to put on eBay. I got them on sale and from the Saks outlet so I did get them for a good price which I am passing on to a buyer. I listed the bag yesterday and this morning the same bag in a different color is for sale for 1/2 of what I paid. How is that possible?? The seller has a lot of feedback and the auction says new and authentic. I can't imagine the seller is just taking a loss. How do they get them so cheap??? :confused1:
  2. I'm always wondering the same thing.....!:confused1:
  3. Is it an auction or a buy-it-now? If it's an auction, they are relying on bidders to push the prices up.

    Are you sure it's not fake?

    Could they be stolen? :shrugs:
  4. Maybe they are just hoping people will bid to bring the price up. I've done that before and its a gamble.

    Or maybe its fake.
  5. they may buy in a certain quantity so they get a discount, and I reckon they may have connection, like they may have a shop so they don't pay retail sales prices.....
  6. If in the case she's colletor, not re-seller, she isn't making profit when resell her items. That's why she can go for that low price. Otherwise, may she needs money or it's unwanted gift :shrugs:

    My friend ever bought 100% AUTHENTIC LV hair cubes ( 2 pairs ) from woman who broken-up with her bf. She sold her brand new hair cubes around $ 38 only :nuts: it's imposibble to find those 2 pairs haircubes in that price even on eBay
  7. Many people have access to bottom of the barrel closeouts which is why they can purchase items at pennies on the dollar. I'm in the beauty industry and buy all of my things at what's called "Salon cost", it's the equivalent to wholesale or about 50% of retail. But, before Salon Cost is that's called "Distributor Cost" and that's even less than Salon Cost. But then you've got people out there who negotiate the close out cost. They're the people who sell the items to places like Big Lots, The Dollar Store, etc. It just depends where your connections put you on the food chain! haha.
    The company I work for manufactures appliances like blow dryers, curling irons, etc. We are the largest manufacturer in the world and I have a whole garage FULL of items that are NIB. I get each and every item that is launched. My position at the company is one that as a working stylist, I test and develop new items so I sometimes receive up to 5 of each item before I even recieve the finished product! I don't pay a red cent for those items so ANY monies I would make would be profit! Those are things I could easily sell on eBay for pennies of the dollar, but I choose not to.
    This particular seller looks like he has many connections in the industry, if you look at his Me Page. That is why he gets items so inexpensively. Anyone who has access to the garment district in LA can tell you how that works. Those people go into closeout centers and there's literally boxes and racks of clothing that sell for $1-5 per hanger. No matter what is on that hanger, it's a flat rate. Some of those items are garbage and some are designers like BeBe, Cache etc. Can you imagine what that would fetch on eBay? The items are closeouts that did not sell, last years style, whatever.

    So, as you can see, simply buying an item on sale at a department store will not generally get you to the top of the eBay food chain. You need to be the guy who can buy that item after it's been on sale at the department store and marked down 3 times, sent to a closeout center and then ends up in the garment district for $1.00!
  8. :nuts: How a fun & great job ;) Can predicted, you must be so enjoying your job :smile:

  9. Good point Ilikemike. There are also sample sales that people get things from like denim, clothes, handbags, etc. You can get amazing deals if you know where to look.
  10. Thanks for the info. I always wondered. I guess I will have to figure out some way to shmooze my way into the Garment District.

  11. Sales associates maybe?they get big discounts.
  12. I've undercut a lot of the listings on two of my auctions. I found two super deals that were too good to pass up but I wasn't sure about. One was on the designer's website. Since they were both "all sales final" I bought them anyway since I knew I could recoup my money. I didn't like them and listed them as BINs.

    I wonder if some of these people go to garage sales or thrift stores for obtaining the used bags? A lot of time the buyers want items on the cheap and sellers don't really know what they could fetch and just want to get rid of it. I could see making a profit in that if you knew what to look for.

  13. Or maybe they work for the company? Or are in fashion? I worked for an accessories company in college and I paid about 1/4 of the retail price for the products. I've heard people in fashion get a lot of samples.
  14. Yes, I do love my work but it had gotten so hectic that I actually retired from travel this past year. I used to work in the salon all week and then hit the show circuit on the was too much after 10 years! So now I just test items and help with that type of thing.

    Cindi, I think you just need a business license to get into many of the stores in the garment district. ALso, I used to buy wholesale with my business license. For about $200 I could get a box of about 50 Victoria's Secret bra overruns or about 100 blouses for resale. I used to sell alot more on eBay but it was just sort of for fun. If people really want to sell on eBay it's a good idea to get a business license and that will help with wholesale connections, getting into trade shows (Like the Magic Convention or different jewlery shows) or just buying product.
    ALso, I have a client whose sister works for BeBe and she often has tons of product at her house that she either sells outright or she'll sell to friends/family for cheap. I know that she sells tons to her sis for cheap and then it's listed on eBay.