How can people sell this bag for so little?

  1. I posted this on the eBay section also but how can people sell the Fendi Spy bag on eBay for so little? I have one I want to sell on eBay that's brand new but how can I if all the other ones listed are going for $300-500???? Are they just all fakes?
  2. I doubt you'd find a real one for under 600. Even at around 600 it's probably used and not in excellent condition. They usually go for atleast 800-1200, maybe more, depends on the color and condition etc. What kind is yours?
  3. yup, for the most part, they are all just fakes. there is one seller, pinchrosemary, who sells authentic bags and starts all her auctions at $9.99, but they end much higher. my estimate is that at least 90% of spys on eBay are fake. The real ones are generally the ones that sell for closer to $800+