How can my luv cherry get dress?

  1. I cannot make a decision whether i should dress my luv sac plat cherry with scarf or cles . Do u think which style is cool?:confused1:
    V9030027_resize.JPG V9030028_resize.JPG
  2. with the scarf but i think if you make it into a bow it would look nicer you'r cles kind of get's lost with all the cerises maybe a red epi one...
  3. I like the scarf. With the cles it's kind of too much :yes:
  4. I vote for the scarf too
  5. I prefer the scarf.

    I think the sac plat is a really clean style (but i like it!) and the scarf makes it just a little girlyer
  6. i dont like either of them........too much going on.........if i had to pick one, i would go w/ the scarf
  7. scarf! the cles just blends in.
  8. Scarf. A red epi cles would look gorgeous. Try it on the next time you're at LV.
  9. I like the scarf!
  10. i would go with just the bag and no accessories. it looks so busy already. also what is on your handles? never seen that before.
  11. I'd just go with the's already busy and looks great on it's own IMO.
  12. I like both! But if I had to choose one, it would be the scarf. Looks beautiful!
  13. No accessories for me, but i don't like that "save-handle":s too much
  14. I think a pomme cles would look great with it!
  15. the scarf looks fine.