How can LV prices decrease???

  1. I didn't think this was possible... but I was browsing on eBay and I saw a Batignolles Vertical and the person showed a copy of the receipt with the total and the price of the bag only was 750 and the date from the receipt was in 2005... but on eluxury the current price of the BV is 740. Huh!?!?
  2. This happend back in February to the Batignolles line and a few others. They went down about $100 from $815 to $710. They never fully explained the reason, my SA told me she has only seen that happen one other time in her 10 years with LV, its something about markets, etc.
  3. Yeah I did a double take seeing my BH on elux for $100 less than I paid for it earlier...dang!!
  4. I was lucky enough to get it right after they lowered the price to $710. They have increased it up a little in the last price increase
  5. maybe this bag was not selling that well?
  6. its probably because he prices were getting high and its a pretty good seller, as well as the speedy. so they may have wanted to keep the price down.
    in retail its called a cash cow. the prices of some things are kept low to bring people in and then they get lured into buying more expensive items.
  7. Last November, the prices went down in canada because of the currency.
  8. This happened in Canada last year and my SA told me it had to do with the exchange rate.
  9. Well I sure fell for the trick! LOL!!!
  10. we ALL did!
  11. never thought a price decrease could happen...
  12. It happens. I just bought an Epi Speedy a few months ago for $890 now the price is $880. Strange.
  13. really? i didnt think epi had decreased.
  14. Prices of LV is Manila is also going down. Speedy 30 which used to sell for something like P35,000 is now P33,000. Explanation was the falling Peso-USD exchange rate
  15. :wtf: Hopefully it will not happen again