How can Jomashop do this?

  1. I ordered a Fendi Zucca Spy last month from them and never wear it. Then I found out a pair of Chloe boot and try to return it. Since their packing box was damaged, I bought a new one and packed carefully and mailed it back through Fedex with insurance, but they just email me(more than 2 weeks after they received it) that I can't return it because I didn't use the damaged box they used. But I throw all the boxes immediately after I'm sure they received the bag, now they're mailing the bag back to me.
    I also found their return policy very tricky, like they should receive the bag within 30 days after they ship it. And it does not say you should mail it in the exact same box it was in, just say they should be mailed back in the same manner,it would normally be ok to include dustbag and authorization card.
    What I can do now? I'm so mad at them, I feel like I'm trapped. :cursing::cursing:
  2. Oh no! What a bummer.

    I had to return something to Joma once because they sent me the wrong bag. I had looked up their return policy, so I knew how strict it was, and I was nervous they wouldn't process my return for some reason. (I don't recall if I knew you had to use the same box, but I remember the language of the return policy sounding very strict.) Everything went smoothly, but I called them almost every day after I sent the bag out to make sure they were processing my return. I think small businesses like that have really strict return policies because they can't afford not to. I think that's what helps keep their prices so low. That said, it's not fair to you to not have your return accepted simply because you used a different box to send it back!

    I'd recommend you call back and ask to speak with a customer service manager. I wish I could remember the name of the gal I ended up working with, because she was really nice and helpful. (and some of the other people I spoke with were not all that helpful.) Anyway, try to find someone who will listen and explain what happened. Make sure to tell them you want to continue to shop with them in the future, so they realize they wiill be using a good customer if they don't work with you.

    Good luck!:heart:
  3. if you bought the zucca spy for $885 i'm pretty sure you can resell it for way more if its new at least $1,000. don't worry.
  4. Me too, hadnt used the zucca when I got it because I was busy with my other new purchases but I've been using it the last couple of days. I'm sorry to hear about your trouble with Joma, but thanks for posting this info. I'll be careful with my next purchases and possible returns. I like KMSNYC's suggestion about calling and explaining. Let us know how it goes!
  5. I guess I can understand Jomashop's position. You can easily sell it on eBay for over 1000 USD anyway so don't worry.
  6. Yeah u should talk to their customer service again. I know I want that Spy! I emailed them to specifically ask for it!
  7. oh my gosh!! I specifically emailed jomashop as well, inquiring about the Zucca Spy, I want that bag soo bad!! I'll be on the lookout for it thru jomashop if you should happen to get your refund.
  8. I sent back a Magic bag to Jomashop and had not problems. I called them day 30 after receiving it. And they sent me the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). I had saved the box and had not removed any of the plastic on the handles etc. It took about 3 weeks to get my money back but there was no issue.
  9. Like the others suggested if you don't want the fendi bag sell it on eBay. As far as returning the boots, I would call and make a stink about their policy and try to get my money back. Speak to management! Good luck to you.

    Btw I guess there handbags and other items are authentic it seems many buy from them. Good to know.
  10. Thanks everyone for your suggestion, I just called the customer service again and explained my situation, but they say there's some mark on the corner of their box, if I can't return it with THAT box, I can't get refund. And they already shipped it out, I should get it today or tomorrow.:sad:
    Seems I can't get refund anyway, now I just want to share this info with everyone. Be really careful shopping with jomashop next time! I never sold anything on eBay, I'll try to figure out the process. Wish me luck~~
  11. Dammit! Why cant they keep ur spy so tat i can buy it?
  12. Yeah, I hope it can go to someone that really love it, it's a good deal and they can sell it soon anyway!
  13. How odd of Joma. I've returned two items to Joma, and both went very well. One item was a Fendi bag that I kept for 27 or 28 days AFTER receiving it. I called their customer service and explained that I was sending it back but it might already be too late, etc etc. They agreed to accept it and gave me a full refund, considering the circumstances.

    How sad for you, but like everyone else is saying, you will definitely be able to sell the Spy for around the same price.
  14. Selling your bag on ebay shouldn't be hard. Make sure you take lots of pics including those to prove its authenticity. Its weird that they were so strict about the should have been a tag or something on the bag itself. If not they need to mention on the returns page that buyers need to keep the box if they wish to return.
  15. Thanks fatefullotus and Kneehighz, I included everything I got except the box, and they didn't mention anything else. And they insist only the box can prove the bag was bought from them although I give receipt and everything, how ridiculous! I won't shop with them any more!