How can I treat the scuffs on my bag?

  1. Hey ladies, this is my first post here. I have a question regarding my Luxury Ligne bowler bag. I found some rubbing/scuff marks and some white spots (looks like from rain?). It's a calfskin bag btw. How can I treat it or if there's any remedy to it. Thanks ladies!
  2. can you post pics? that would help tremendously! I used to manage a high end independant retail leather store, i might be able to give you a fnew tips but need pics please. Also, it's never ever a bad idea to take to your nearest chanel boutique either....most on tpf use applegard conditioner but iti really depends on the type of be 100% safe!
  3. ok...I'll post pics tonight. I called the nearest Chanel and they told me to bring it in but it's 2 hrs. away. :sad:
  4. Is your bag black? Pics would help. You can send the bag in, if need be. If you do, put a detailed note in the bag with what you need, a phone number. Do not send your authenticity card, dust jacket nada -- just the purse.
  5. Here it is. I'm having a hard time taking pics of the white spots. Hope you all can see it. Btw on the second pic it looks like this on each corner, and this is the worst one out of the corners.
    IMG_1082.JPG IMG_1083.JPG
  6. Yes it is.'s good to know that! :tup:
  7. i'm sure Chanel can do something about the white spots/water stains but i don't think there's anything you can do about the leather scuffs as it is a normal part of wear and tear. i have leather scuffs around the corners of my Le Marais flap too but fortunately it doesn't really bother me.
  8. When a purse is redyed, the wear on the corners becomes the same shade as the rest of the bag so it's not noticeable. I'm pretty careful where the bag gets placed. In the car, during the winter, it's on my lap,the back seat, or the rare times it's on the car floor, the carpet has to be clean. (Yep, can we say anal!) It's friction that causes the rub. Eliminate tossing the bag around; i.e, friction, there will be less wear on the corners.