How can I track down a discontinued Coach bag?

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  1. I am on the search for a Ergo pleated tote bag and can't find one anywhere. There aren't any on eBay for the style I want and I don't know anywhere else to look. I don't have any outlets near me... are they still found in outlets or no? I want a new tote so bad... preferably leather. I have a Heritage Stripe tote now that I love but it's time for something new.

    If I have no luck on the Ergo bag, any recs for a new tote or leather bag? :biggrin:
  2. They'll come up on ebay or Bonz eventually. Just be patient. I promise one will show up!
  3. Yeah, I saw a few of them a couple months back but I didn't have the money then to buy one. I've been saving up and now that I have the cash, they're all gone! :cry: I don't have a lot of patience, either. lol
  4. You'll just have to wait for items that are discontinued. The few things on my list are all discontinued so I check once in a while. It will eventually pop up.
  5. I agree to check bay or Bonz. Maybe even CL...I found a few things in other states...but I made sure I got enough pics to post in the Authenticate thread.

    It took me 2 1/2 years to find mine, but I still found it! I hope you can find yours sooner!

    Good luck!

  6. Add it to the wishlist on your signature...continue to scope Bon and eBay...
  7. Good idea!
  8. The other thing you can do is to set up a saved search on both Ebay and Bonanzle. Do a search for the bag by name and then by style #. There's an option to save the search and the system will automatically email you when the bag pops up, so you don't have to stalk...LOL
  9. Also- save the search on Ebay so you won't miss out if one pops up!
  10. Wow, Toonces- simultaneous great ideas! LOL!
  11. LOL Great minds and all that. :biggrin:

    Yeah, I save two searches. One by the style name and then one by the style number. Better chance of finding what you really want!
  12. Also, sometimes putting in random searches will make interesting things pop up. If it's a certain color, try inputting "brown pleated coach" or "coach brown tote" for example.
  13. What style and color are you looking for? Is it the one with the kisslock? There are a few of those on ebay, most not listed with their number.
  14. Really good Idea Toons - I need to remember this...

    You need to wait and your Ergo will pop up.. Bonanzle has a lot of the line now but not the one you want..
  15. I've seen some old items at the outlets as well... so keep your eyes peeled and ask the staff to put you on a sort of "watch list" if they happen to see one returned... the more people at your local outlet that know the better off they'll remember to call you when one comes in...