How can I tell if someone selling designer glasses...

  1. How can I tell if some ebay sellers who specialize in designer eyeglasses and sunglasses aren't selling fake ones?

    I am looking for new eyeglass frames and know exactly what I want but am unable to find anything close in the local shops. So I figured I'd try ebay. Sure enough some sellers have what I want but I can't tell if they're selling authentic items. With bags, it seems that there are many "tells" but I have no knowledge of what fake designer sunglass or rx eyeglass "tells" would be (beyond obviously off logos or something).

    Any suggestions? I've checked feedback and still have some reservations about these two sellers who have what I want for decent prices... mostly because they have what I want for a reasonable price. I asked for more photos of the printed material that accompanies the goods but I don't know what other precautions that I should take.
  2. Updated to say that I did as much research as I could on the specific pair of glasses that I wanted (clear plastic prada frames) and ended up buying them. They're really cute and the fancy eyeglass place nearby checked them out for me so I know I didn't get scammed!
  3. out of the thousandss of glasses sold on ebay only a few are authentic, please beware of fradulant sellers
  4. I would have always questioned their authenticity if the retailer I went to for verification hadn't been so familiar with the brand and the make/model of these frames. I trust their expertise.