How can I tackle a cold while its in its early stages?

  1. current symptoms:

    -itchy nose
    -changing voice
    -slight headache

  2. Citrus fruits
    Hot tea
    Hot baths or showers
    LOTS of sleep (this is the most important thing)

    Hope you feel better :flowers:
  3. ^^^ and get some Airborne or Emergen-C. I use the Emergen-C stuff - you can get it at Target, etc. It's a powder that you add to a little bit of water. Much better taste than Alka Seltzer IMO, and helps a lot. I always keep it on hand for days I'm too sleepy and need a kick of energy and for keeping colds away! Feel better!
  4. Okay seriously, THERA FLU. Just try it, Every time I feel a cold coming on I take it and it either a. kills it or b. drastically cuts down on my sick time. Get the lemon version. I hate medicine and would probably rather be sick that taste most medicines, but the lemon Thera Flu is taste GOOD!!!
  5. Vitamin C and Zinc and SuperFood if you can!!! :tup:

    Plus again with the SLEEP :yes:
  6. HIgh dose vit C & Echinacea
  7. The Zicam nose swabs really work for me. And like others have said, drink a lot of fluids and get a lot of rest. Hope you feel better!
  8. I've used Airborne before when I was First getting worked like a charm!! About 2 hours later it was totally gone.

    This happened three different times and it worked!!
  9. I take echinacea and it usually reduces the symptoms. Stay hydrated and get plenty of vit. C.

    People I know swear by Zicam. Personally I can't stand the taste, but I've heard it kicks butt when it comes to colds.
  10. I love Emergen-C! I use it even when I am not getting sick for the energy, but I feel like it really does help a cold before it starts. Good Luck! I hope something works.
  11. Zicam, Airborne, lots of rest, lots of hot tea and fruits or fruit juice, and some good complex carbs.
  12. On the same note as a lot of people try something with zinc- Zicam uses that and so does Cold-eeze. People sometimes loose their sense of smell or feel burning with Zicam, so be careful. I tried Cold-eeze just last week and was TOTALLY skeptical, but it killed my cold! Use it early though (within 24 hours of start) for best results.
  13. As my Sainted Momma always said, "An untreated cold lasts a week. However, if you treat it, it goes away in seven days."
  14. get plenty of sleep get plenty of sleep get plenty of sleep!!!

    I sleep about 10 hours a day when I'm coming down with something.
  15. So true! A cold is a virus so it is going to go away in its own sweet time. However as you have seen in these other posts there are a ton of things you can do to ease the symptoms.

    My favorites are hot soup, zinc, vitamin C, tons of bottled water and a lot of sleep. No matter what you do, the cold, no matter how severe, is going to run its course. :shrugs:

    PITA no matter what!! :cursing: