How can I stop late-night snacking?

  1. I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in "The Kitchen" but I figured I want to stop snacking at night rather than encourage it...but I'm sooooooooooooooo hungry right now! What can I do??? :wtf: LOL!!!
  2. hmm my friend eats ice cubes and I drink alot of warm water
    and if you MUST snack... snack on something healthy like baby carrots and what helps you lose weight is to eat a bit of yogurt (probiotic) or a tbsp apple cider vinegar if you like after your dinner. personally I had a fat stage 2-3 years ago where I was 140/150 and I had a pretty big appetite now I eat fairly little, I don't snack (out of free will!) and my appetite has just curbed.... and i'm 118 pounds!

    oh and keep yourself occupied... distract yourself it is the best way to not think about food! Do work.. No tv though... too many food related commericals/shows and waht not..

    And also try not to stay up too late... the later you stay up the more likely you are to have munchies and DO NOT EAT JUNKFOOD!
  3. a small bowl of Cheerios usually cures me. use 2% lowfat milk.
  4. my mom had to lock the fridge shrug.

    old habits die hard.
  5. drink water! most of the time when your body says you are hungry, you are acutally thirsty.
  6. If you're hungry... eat. That's what I do :p Try keeping healthy snacks in your pantry and in the fridge. Whole grain toast with natural peanut butter (no Jif!), string cheese, fruit, chopped vegetables with low fat ranch dressing, air-popped low fat popcorn, nuts, etc. If you're hungry, your body is telling you something. It's what and how much you put in your body that counts, not when you eat :smile:
  7. A can of chicken with mustard...protein is good. Eat it plain or with crackers. My previous trainer told me this. Of course, I should've listened to this advise tonite, but didn't...:shame:
  8. drink tea with low-fat milk or none, which makes you feel full, with a piece of citrus-y fruit(which speeds up metabolism, or a fruit with pectin such as...apples, or berries, or applesauce is full of it(pectin limits how much fat your cells can be absorded!),
  9. If you figure it out let me know! Last night I woke up around 2 AM and DH wasn't in the bed. I got up to use the BR then went looking for him....found him in the kitchen eating ice cream right out of the carton with a spoon. He swears he has no memory of waking up and wandering into the kitchen, LOL!
  10. oh man i wish i found this thread before i scarfed down 3 pieces of fried chicken that were in my fridge :sad:
  11. Buy yourself snacks that are good for you. It's okay to snack, but have options that aren't the bad ones.

    A cup of fat free yogurt
    A spoonful of peanut butter

    something with protein to keep you full :biggrin:
  12. Wow! Amazing stuff!

    I need to go grocery shopping. All the food in my house right now is unmentionable! :shame:
  13. I munch ice cubes, about 20 or so a night (I just love the crunch!) but if I'm trying to loose weight I always drink half a litre of water before each meal to fill me up, I normally find that by doing this I'm not hungry at all at night. but if I do get hungry, I go for a piece of fruit & a glass of water.
  14. I agree drink a glass of water.
  15. Oh my gosh girl, I have been getting up in the middle of the night and eating a bowl (or 2) or cereal! I barely remember doing it and I leave the milk and cereal OUT and dont put it away! I am sleepwalkeating!

    I think I know why I am doing it....I dont like my new job . Its not in my chosen field and I feel like a fish out of water.


    I just got hired as a Senior Escrow Officer about a half hour ago, and I start Monday. YIPPEE!

    Maybe now I will stop eating in the middle of the night!