How can I sign up for Off 5th coupons?

  1. I've been all over Sak's site, looking for a place to sign up for a newsletter/coupons/etc for Off 5th. But no luck! Where did you guys sign up?
  2. I opended a Saks account at an Off 5th to get the extra percentage off my purchase one day and ever since I receive the Off 5th coupons as well as the regular Saks sale/new product emails and catalogues. I don't know if they have a mailing list to sign-up on, but I think a department store card is the best way to ensure you get their coupons. Hope this helps.
  3. If you go to your Off 5th Saks store--they've got boxes around the store for you to give your email and address on a little slip. If they don't have those posted, ask them! They're great at wanting to collect info to send you coupons :P
  4. Thank you both! :smile: I will let you know when I receive my first coupon! LOL
  5. I signed up ages ago at one of those little boxes and still have received any coupons, only catalogs...
  6. The have a 25% off your whole purchase now until Sunday. If there is an Off 5th near you should go down and fill out those email cards and stuff and they will send them to you.
  7. I was at the register and the SA asked if I had a Saks card, and when I told her I didn't, she gave me a card to sign up for the coupons and sale listings so I would receive them just like the cardholders would.