How can I say thank you?

  1. The girls at my LV counter are incredible.
    They are so patient with me, they are very knowledgable, and they give me just enough encouragement to make a decision. :woohoo:
    I tell them all the time how much I appreciate their help but I want to do more. Can I write a letter to their superior to say how good they are so they can get a pat on the back from higher up? If so, who do I mail it to?
    Does anyone else have a suggestion?:confused1:
  2. yes you shoudl write to the manager of the store! I was thinking of doing that for the SA who i deal with! I think it would be nice to and im sure the SAs would appreciate it! Look on your receipts from the boutique and send a letter to that address! xx
  3. After my 1st purchase (wonderful experience) I went the LV site and clicked the "contact us" link. I sent an email detailing the moment, mentioned the excellent SA by name/boutique & why I was so pleased...

    I got a response email a few days later thanking me for the letter, saying it would be forwarded to the appropriate store. :yes:
  4. I think you should send them Thank You cards as well as a letter of appreciation to thier Manager or Area Director to let them know how great of SA team they have. :yes:
  5. Do you think a thank you card and a box of chocolates would be ok? I know one of the SAs doesn't eat chocolate and I don't want her to be left out.:shrugs:
  6. It's the thought that counts, u can try other type of sweets like Jelly Beans or Gummy Bears? My 3 yr old nephew got me hooked on Gummy bears again, i tell ya! :nuts: besides they are low in calories :shy: