How can I save my favorite red nail polish?

  1. My favorite red nail polish is OPI "French Cognac." It's a perfect brick red, IMO, much like the LV pomme vernis, just the right brown undertones, no oranges or blues. It's awesome!

    Sadly however, it has turned thick and goopy in the bottle, no matter how I shake it. It won't go on smooth. Should I add some kind of thinner? This color is discontinued and I really don't want to throw it out or have to buy it on eBay or something.

    help! :confused1:
  2. When I go and get my nails done, and "pick a color" sometimes they have that exact consistency that you are describing, and the ladies just add nail polish remover. It is as good as new this way:yes:
  3. yeh add a drop or two of nail polish remover and shake
  4. Thats the secret!!! It works like a charm!!
  5. You can also buy actual nail polish thinner at most beauty supply stores. Mine came with a little eye dropper which makes it really easy to add to the bottle of nail polish.
  6. YAY thanks!! I will try it.