How can I repair this lovely bag?

  1. I won the auction on eBay for the damaged Foresta Campeggio. It arrived today and I love it - it's so bright and pretty. It is missing one of its screws though, on the back side. The holes are there so I am thinking I can replace the screw with something else that will secure the leather in place. Since it's on the back I am not too worried about it not matching the others - I just want the leather not to stick out like it is now. Any ideas on what I can use to secure it? I don't suppose Lesportsac ever sells replacements?

    Here is the pic, you can see how there is a hole in the leather and in the fabric where the screw should be so it should be easy to put something else there.

  2. .-. sorry if this is.. odd sounding but buy a fake bag and take the screw..? XD
  3. That's actually a good idea - does anyone know if the fakes have similar screws?
  4. I think you can take it in and try to have them fix it. My zipper broke off my caramella and they help fix it.

    My OP bella (that i sold) was missing a rivet, so what i did to secure it was buy a cheap "O" ring with a open and close clasp and just stuck it through the hole and bag. It was a excellet fix, it's not to bad because it' in the back so it won't be seen. You can get the ring at any office supply store.
  5. oh! They also have those screw like things, sorta like bolts for folder paper? but I'm not sure it'll fit through the hole.
  6. I've seen some fakes with the Nana Star screws... but it seems that fakes are running pretty high on e-bay lately so hopefully you can find one elsewhere... otherwise you might be paying 50+ for a screw. Maybe you'll be able to find a low BIN for a fake?

  7. i've tried that works!

  8. on a bag?! o_o! are many screws falling off now? :wtf:
  9. LOL, no. Just my one op bella. I tried the paper screw thingy(name??) and it worked,but since it was the side rivet it could be seen, i used the "O" ring (name??) instead because it looked better on.
  10. ah, I see. xD I was like omggg their workmanship is getting more horrible!
  11. I guess you meant the paper fastener like these :


    Think it's a good idea for temporary relieve, but for a larger bag with heavier capacity, I doubt this will work for long time, unless it's for cosmetic purposes only.

    I read that someone brought her bag to either the tailor:confused1: or the cobbler:confused1: to have the popped rivet fix. :rolleyes:

  12. YES that's it! I had a brain fart and couldn't think of it!
    I'll try to find my "O" ring and take a picture of it.
  13. I would take it to a shoe repair place and they could probably replace it w/a similar color rivet...

    you can buy the screwback things at scrapbook stores but I'm not sure they would be the right size.
  14. the one i'm talking about isn't that one though. xD

    it's actually a screw with that flat head on both sides. i don't know what it's called, but they sell it at a store called fishers here. ^^;

    i went to look for it.. it's book/scrap book fasteners sorta like the ones you screw off the back of a scrap book so you can put more pages into it.

  15. i was watching that auction i cant believe how high it got though i was really suprised:nuts:
    but lucky you !! im jealous:drool: