How can I make this look better?

  1. i'm not sure whether this belongs here or in the reference section..

    How do i make this look more organized? i went to IKEA and SO made my "bag storage center" last night :idea:..i used to store my bags in their dustbags in their the closet too..but it's taking too much space and my side of the closet looks too "brown" :roflmfao:...

    it still looks too...messy.

    any opinions :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:

  2. Ooh me first?!? Ok. Drap some saris (indian traditional of other enthnic fabrics) around and/or on the shelves. Or if ur deco is more modern use some fun blod coulours. Paint it DAMIER. (but bigger) Just some ideas that popped into my mind.
  3. ^good idea. although your bags wont be seen, of you cover it with a color matching your home, then it will seem organized.
  4. Maybe put some vertical pieces of wood between the shelves to give each bag its own cubby. I also agree with above poster - the paint and draped fabric sounds GREAT!
  5. ^^ i forgot to add that i was waiting for the right color of cloth to be found online! i was thinking of making it like a curtain-style shelving..which can also prevent dust from accumulating..
  6. I like to see my bags--- I would do nothing except paint it.
  7. ^--- and maybe not even that if my bags were to lie without a dustcover.
  8. I wouldn't completely cover the bags. Just makke lil curtainy thingys
  9. You could get contact paper for the shelves in a nice pattern, or make curtains like someone suggested, or even get beaded curtains for it!
  10. I usually leave my bags out of the dustbag just so I can grab and go. If you can do that, go for it. It would be cute to see all the bags. Or maybe I'm just being nosy, lol.
  11. Either paint it OR find a gorgeous fabric like you indicated and hang it on the backside of the shelving rather than the front. So that you can see your bags and the shelving will have a beautiful backing that you can display...
  12. but won't the bags be dusty if i don't use the dust bags? what do u guys think?
  13. I store my bags in canvas closet rod found in ContainerStore, w/their dust bags :yes: