How can I make these work??

  1. I found these Steve Madden Trixx flats at Ross today for only $8.99! I tried them on and they seemed super comfy, except I couldn't really walk in them because they were attached with an elastic thingy...

    When I got home I realized they're pretty much impossible to walk in! They have elastic goring on both sides of the heel, plus they're tad big so there's a gap at the heel. Every time I take a step, my heel comes completely out of the shoe :sad:

    Can you think of any suggestions for making these shoes work?
    sm1.JPG sm2.JPG sm3.JPG
  2. Sorry, but it sounds to me like your out about $9! If they don't fit, they don't fit.
  3. I doubt adding a heel pad would help. They sound way to big. Take them back.
  4. Boooooo! That's what I was afraid of :sad:

    I really don't understand why they'd put elastic at the heel :confused1:. They actually fit well, but when I take a step, the elastic stretches and it makes the heel pop off. That's probably why they were so cheap :rolleyes:

    I was thinking maybe I could sew it up or something so it wouldn't stretch? I dunno, I'm not very handy :shrugs: