How can I make my legs look longer?

  1. I'm not a short person. I'm 5'7" and possibly even 5'8".

    But I have a long torso and unfortunately.. short legs. My legs are stubby and it drives me crazy that I was blessed with height but not the legs to go with it.

    Any exercises/methods/anything that can help me lengthen my legs or at least make them look as if they're much longer then they're actually are?
  2. Hi Liz, I've found that if you lean out your legs (make them skinnier) they appear to look longer then again I'm not sure if you already have skinny legs if so you might want to look at buying clothes/pants which help in this. Hope this helps!
  3. I have the same problem, I have short legs and a disproportionately long torso. Although I don't know of specific exercises, here are some style/dressing rules I swear by:

    1) No shoes with straps or ties around the ankle (they "cut off" rather than elongate)
    2) A skinny belt over a sweater, shirt, etc belted high (almost right below your ribs) shortens the torso
    3) Jeans and pants should be hemmed almost to the floor (wear them with heels!)
    4) No cropped pants
    5) The right length makes all the difference in skirts

    Hope that helps...
  4. I'm proportionate, but I'm short. I wear short skirts in the summer time.
  5. This thread caught my eye coz I'm a shortie and def wants for my legs to be longer, hehe.. I thought just maybe someone somewhere out there knows an exercise to achieve this, LOL!
  6. I know this is an older thread. But, I have the same problem. And what is strange is that I have just noticed because someone else pointed it out. I am 5 feet with a long torso and short legs. It gives a strange appearance. Balahai, thanks for all those tips. I am going to try it out. Also, what about shorts this SPring and Summer. How can I make my legs look longer in shorts?
  7. Some tricks I know:-
    1. wear nude shoes
    2. wear pants/ skirt with a matching color belt
  8. I have this problem as well. What I have learned is:

    - Wear the same or almost the same colour shoes when wearing pants (i.e.. black jeans + black shoes), it makes your legs appear longer having one solid colour straight down your legs.

    - If you shorten the length of your torso (wear shorter tops or not as long tops) it elongates your legs.
  9. SKirts are great for creating non existant waists, allongate the legs etc, much easier than with pants.
  10. I have the same problem, although im only 5'2". As Liberte said I found that skirts are good because they hide your but, so you cant really see where your legs start, and it being the right length makes a LOT of difference. Things that are cinched/belted around the waist make your lower half appear to start more from your waist, not your but. These are just things i have noticed work for myself.
  11. I know exactly what you are talking about! We are the same height I have the same problem! I've been doing yoga and a lot of stretching and it seems to be tightening up my thighs, hence appearing longer :p. I also avoid low-rise pants and stick to straight legs. I agree to balihai88's recommendations too!

    I think the key is toning the muscles. I tend to avoid cycling and running because it would add "bulk".
  12. one word............heels.
  13. I agree high heels, flat shoes will make legs look shorter! High heels worn with trousers is a good disguise for shorter legs!
  14. If you watch "What Not to Wear", Stacey and Clinton say that you should wear pointed toes on any shoe-as they add visual height!:rolleyes:
  15. I read somewhere that Jackie O had this going on. She wore empire waists.