How can I make my husband understand?

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  1. In the investement in the bag? I'm currently saving for a damier ebony neverfull, when I told him the pricetag he completely balked. Now, please understand, this man coaches hockey and plays drums. Not exactly cheap hobbies! He has had goalie pads worth about $1600, skates for $650 and a drum collection worth over $25,000.

    How can I show him the investment in LV? All of my current LV's were gifts or I bought them before we were married. Any tips? I've tried compairing them to his skates and drums but it just isn't working.
  2. Is he going to actually stop you from buying the bag?

    Just say: "I respect your hobbies and need to do the same for me."
  3. Right now, yes. He says yes to an $800-1200 computer we can "both enjoy" (even though I'm never home)
  4. Do you work outside of the home, or is he the primary breadwinner? In other words, does he literally have control of the money?
  5. Our money is shared, what's your is mine type of thing. I am the only breadwinner. He gets expenses for coaching but currently no job.
  6. OMG and he's telling you what to do. :shocked: Sorry, but that's my reaction. :shrugs:
  7. Wait - you work and bring home ALL of the money and yet he has control of the money?

    I would have no problem TELLING my DH what I was buying with the money, as long as you're generally responsible with your finances. Especially considering his toys, he has no place to tell you what to do with your (shared) money. JMO

  8. I agree with this completely. ( & also with girlinthemoon )
    To be honest you will probably still have all of your Louis Vuitton bags longer than his hockey equipment will last, so it really IS an investment.
    I really hope that even if he doesnt "understand" that he can respect the fact that it means something to you.
    Good luck:smile:
  9. No job? Then why us he acting like this? You cearly support his hobbies. It took 5 years for my DH to finally understand. During xmas this year we talked it out and he finally got it. it may take a few more heart to hearts, but he should get it too.
  10. '
    You dont need to explain anything. You want is - thats good enough!!!!!
  11. Another point on this. The money is not shared. He's like your pimp. You earn it, he takes it and tells you how it will be spent. On things HE will enjoy; sometimes you benefit as well.

    This money is not "shared" like you stay. Sorry to be so blunt. But this boils my blood.
  12. We have one account, we just saw it as how things were done.
  13. I know my bf does not like my bags but he also knows there is no way to stop me:biggrin:.
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    Regardless of who's the breadwinner, I think it is admirable that you make joint financial decisions as husband and wife. To be honest, I think some men will never understand the "value" of designer purses and how much they mean to us. They will still think it's a waste of hard-earned money no matter how hard we try to convince them otherwise. So long as he does not stop you from buying or throw a tantrum each time you bring home a new bag, then I suppose it's ok to live with the differences. My hubby can't comprehend my love for designer purses too but he does not condemn it either, so I'm alright with it. We don't completely agree with each other's choices and actions but we learn to accept. It's all about mutual respect. :smile: Perhaps that's the point to get across to him instead of trying to "convert" him. Best of luck!
  15. Remind him how much of your money has been spent on his hobbies and that it should only be fair that you can spend money on yours also. And also point out that you aren't receiving any enjoyment from his hockey pads or skates or expensive drum equipment - so it doesn't matter that he won't receive enjoyment from your LV.

    Ask him if drums and hockey make him happy. Say that likewise, bags make you happy.
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