How can I make my calves smaller?

  1. Whenever I work out my calves get bigger. I'm doing some cardio but no weights. I also just ordered Tubo Jam and am hoping the kick jam workouts will help. Does anyone know the proper exercise to get rid of fat calves?
  2. swimming, lots of stretching..!! yoga and pilates!!!
  3. maybe calf raises would help tone them down. A step class is also good if you don't like to be stuck on a machine. and stretching like orinoco says.
  4. I say WALKING. It doesn't bulk up your legs the way running or stairmaster can. Swimming is also great in that way.
  5. I used to run everyday and then do 40 mins on the stairmaster... my calves got bigger and in my opinion, too muscly - it especially shows when i wear heels as the muscle is defined... (why cant my abs tone up so quickly???) I dont go on the stepper now.. but I had no fat before so maybe thats why they got muscly.
  6. I have big calve muscles too =/ but that's cause I played soccer as a kid and they've stuck w/ me. Currently I'm justdoing lots of stretching and rasies.

    It really bothers me whenever I wear my jeans cause I have to size up so that my calves can fit =/ I can't wear any dresses or shorts either. I guess I'm too self-concious. I'm looking into lipo if I can't tone up within the next year so.
  7. I have bigger calves too because when I was younger I used to spend almost every day skating. I keep telling myself to start doing raises so that atleast they'll be toned.
  8. Pilates is the best for this IMO. I saw the results on my bestfriend. She had the most humongous calves you can imagine and no ankles(!):amazed: After a year or so of pilates, her legs are very nicely shaped. It's funny because we practically grew up together and i'm still trying to get used to seeing her "new" legs.:biggrin:
  9. I agree, Pilates is amazing!:biggrin:
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions. I've heard good things about Pilates and I think I am going to try it out.:smile:
  11. I LOVE when my calves get muscle, dlasidjas. It's hot. I also love that bulging thigh muscle you get from spinning.:p

    but, IMO slim and muscle-toned is the sexiest thing ever!

    I saw, embrace your calves! :smile:
  12. And if all else fails a shot at the botox thing might work. I've heard of a surgery pioneered in Korea where they cut a nerve that runs to the calve in order to atrophy it. It's not something I'd go for, but hey, everyone is different.
  13. My ballet teacher taught us to do lotsa stretching so that the calf muscles end up longer rather than wider as we gain strength. Stretch stretch stretch!!!
  14. I used to run almost everyday and had developed some muscular calves. Then I stopped running...and they turned into fat :yucky:

    Is there anything I can do to make them leaner? I hate wearing shorts and knee length skirts because I feel like my calves look so huge :crybaby:

    I'm going to start running again....are there particular stretches I can try...???

    Someone help, please? :shame:
  15. I think this was posted before{?} . . .
    Pilates and Yoga are known for lengthening muscles, you could try those.