How can I have a CL store?

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  1. Love CL shoes. I want to wear them, share them with my friends, working 12 hours with them. I want to buy them and sell them. How can I own a CL store? What kind of qualification will they allow me to be the seller? Does anybody have any Ideas?
  2. own? CL isn't a franchise
  3. not quite; I know the "owners" of the Giuseppe Zanotti store in technically you must own (or rent) the location, I'm assuming you must also purchase some kind of license that enables you to sell the shoes, etc.
  4. Thank you for both of your information.
  5. but Guiseppe and Louboutin are not the same. Kinda like a Chanel store or Prada boutique...
  6. maybe you could have a store that sells cls but is not a cl! footcandy, joseph stores, etc.

  7. true, but, there are several freestanding Louboutin stores throughout the world, as are GZ stores, so I'm sure the logic behind the operation must also be similar, unless CL is very strict and does not authorize any sort of ownership, but not really sure how one would attempt finding that out.
  8. not sure I follow...

    at any rate, I've never met an owner of any of the CL boutiques. but hey, we learn something new everyday. GZ and CL could have different business practices that allow for some type of ownership.
  9. I don't know anything about owning a store, but I have a related question... how hard is it to get a job as an SA at a CL boutique?? And are there any... perks? :graucho:
  10. Do you mean a CL boutique (that only sells Louboutins) or a shoe store that carries them (among other brands)?
  11. ^^ I was thinking of a CL boutique (that only sells Louboutins). :smile:
  12. It is possible (and I suspect that it's the case) that CL leases stores from store owners and then controls the operation from HQ i.e. not a franchise per se as the owners of the brick & mortar establishment have no involvement in the running of the business.
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    CL does not franchise his boutiques, ever. ALL are owned by his own corporation. He also "leases" boutiques (example: selfridges in london). Same as Chanel and Louis vuitton lease it's boutiques lease from Saks, Nordies, Bloomies, and Niemans. Also, from my understanding he's making it even more difficult for dept stores/boutiques to being recieving his products. He wants to keep it as exclusive as possible.

    Tampura- It is difficult to get a job at a Cl Boutique. All applicants are required to have a book of clients as well as prior designer selling experience. There are also perks to working at a CL boutique and is similar to working at a dept store. They are restricted from purchasing select items with discount (Strass, limited edition items, etc.) and their discounts do not apply on top of sale.
  14. What I want to know is, how can my city (well, at least the closest one to me, San Francisco) get a CL boutique? Srsly, the TPF faction here alone would keep them in business. There's a lot of money in this area, CL! Cough up the boutique so we can give you some!
  15. Wow fancy!! Thanks for the info madamelizaking! It seems like a nice job, surrounded by fabulousness all day. :girlsigh: