How can I get this?? Cabas Monogram Pastel Glitter! Where o where are youuuu...

  1. I know I have been so out of the loop lately I haven't had alot of time to keep up with what is going on here in my favorite place :crybaby: So you gals and guys must update me on this bag. Have you seen it?? Is it readily available??:yes: Anybody got one??? My purse buying ban is getting closer to it's end and I am looking at things I want and this is one of them. So tell me all about it!!
  2. I love the colour. I don't know anything about it but I'm sure someone will.:yes:
  3. Hi,
    I have the pink and white. I have seen some white ones on ebay pink is very hard to find. U will love this bag I hope u find one.
  4. You'll have to go hunting on ebay.....
  5. This is the Satin Monogram Pastel Glitter Kelly:love: Only place to get one now is ebay but it's pretty rare....:Push: :sweatdrop: I'll contact Let-trade and see if they can find you one.
  6. Let-trade has some kind of bag from this line available on their site.
  7. I always get teary eyed when I see this bag. :crybaby:
  8. I liked store never got any though so I never got to see them in person. :sad:
  9. i saw it IRL once both the white and the pink...really TDF

    good luck hunting :smile:
  10. Yah, I have seen the one on LT. I want the pink Kelly! : (
  11. Which is the pink kelly? Is there some where else that let trade has stuff for sale other than ebay? Sometimes I read things and can never find what the person is talking about. I think I am missing out on something..
  12. Oh it's stunning! Best of luck on your hunt!
  13. You girls are just fabulous!! pinkie your right.. the pink is much better than the white..
    Thanks evolkatie that's a cool looking bag but it isn't pink..:crybaby: I :heart: pink