How can I get rid of my things for profit? Is Ebay the way?

  1. I'm on the 'curbing consumerisn' kick and I took a good look at the things I've amassed over the years. Most are never used, and surprisingly, even after some time, it all dosn't look outdated or ugly... mostly handbags(like ann taylor, ellen tracey, kenneth cole, etc), accesories, some clothes, etc. Realistically, I just KNOW that I will not use any of it any more. I paid good money for it at the time, and what a shame that it just sits in my closet! While I can donate to goodwill, I'd like to see if I can sell them.

    Do you think eBay is the way to go? Craigslist? I looked on catagories like handbag, and most listed are luxury items like LV or Chanel or etc. I tried looking up and most items on handbag catagory brought forth more luxury/fake luxury items.

    Should I just donate? Have you any similar experiences? I don't want to do yard sale. TIA!
  2. yard sale or eBay....those r prob your best 2 options...
  3. I just learned today (in the eBay forum) that ebay has a lot of fees! Paypal too. I'm just starting to sell on ebay myself.

  4. I try to sell everything on eBay first. If the items don't sell there, then I donate them to charity.

    I generally only use Craig's List for large items like furniture and other household items.
  5. I don't know where you can sell the for a profit and you won't get much if you do yard sale. I've had Samsonite luggages sell for $15 (in perfect condiiton) and Circulon pots for $5 in a yard sale.

    Right now I'm using craigslist for my LVs, b/c I'm still scared of ebay. I've had inquiries but no takers. I'd rather sell my high end stuff there so I can hand it to them and they can inspect it. On the flip side, however, people automatically assume that I'm selling too much for a fake or they are scared to buy from such a site. Someone asked me if I had a receipt for an item and when I said no, she said she wasn't interested. Obviously for her a receipt is a guaranteed authentic item.
  6. I've actually called about an LV on craigslist. She was even willing to meet me at Saks to authenticate. Is there a local SAKS near you?
  7. I don't think you're going to make a profit on stuff....but you can at least get some money back for stuff you don't use anymore!!! Ebay is great for smaller things, Craigslist for bigger things!
  8. eBay was good to me. Now that I'm mobile again, I plan on making it good again. I do know if you are trying to sell designer stuff however, there is a lot of fraud on the parts of buyers... learn all you can about their scams.

    My Uncle left me a signed picture of Ronald Regan from when he was running for govenor in California. I almost (not knowing any better) threw it away, but I put it on eBay for 2.00. I got over 300.00 before the bidding ended. Blew me away!
  9. I didn't know Saks LV could authenticate??? Good to know!

    Please share what you know. TIA.

    I've had someone interested in one of my LVs and was ready to pay. He wanted to pay me by echeck and wanted me to get the stationary ,etc and would re-imburse me for that too. He also offered me extra $ for my troubles of getting the stationary, etc. The total would've been close to the selling price of a NEW bag. I told him to either pay me cash in person or paypal b/c if he was going to reimburse me the way he wanted to, he wouldn't be saving much buying a used LV. I knew he was a scammer and I never heard back from him.
  10. Keep in mind that everyone is looking for a deal so don't be insulted if you don't get what you want for your goods. I learned this when I sold many dresses on ebay. While I may have paid $400 for a cute summer dress I could barely get $60 for it two months later. I say try a yard sale first (no fees) then move your inventory craigslist or ebay.
  11. I wouldn't know what to do with a yard sale. I'd sell on ebay, but am wondering if it would even be worth the trouble since I'd probably sell these items for like a buck a piece! I don't know why I'm stalling... I'm probably going to end up donating all of it... but you know, call me silly, but it would somehow make me feel a tiny bit better if I at least made a single dollar on it... because I see the mound of things as such a waste of good money on my part...and for what? just to end up throwing it all away... shame on me, right? thanks for your advice ladies!!!!!
  12. ^Midlevel designer items are worth more than you'd think- I sold a logoed DKNY tote that was in good condition last year for around $60. The retail was only like $120!!
  13. I'd also love to start selling on ebay as I have some stuff laying around that i think would sell..but I just don't know how too.. I know I will find out doing it, but.. it's just a big step for me.
  14. Anyone offereing you anything more or extras is probably going to be paying by a faked E check. Accept only PayPal or money orders, then be careful with the money order. Have it checked by your bank before sending the item, you have seven days to send it after payment is made. Only allow confirmed buyers, do now make deals outside of eBay and do not say you'll ship to anyone except the confirmed buyer. If you are not sure, we have a lovely bunch of ladies and gentlement whohang out on the eBay forum who'll help you before you get taken for a ride.
    Yard sales... well, those are good for lower end items, dishes and the like that would be too troublesome to ship. But you are limited to who stops by at the same time.

    Study the rules and regulations, ask questions on the eBay forums, and it's not hard at all! WHen I did it, I knew little about computers, but I breezed through it. Good pictures are a must, and by reading what's happened to others on eBay, you'll avoid a lot of the troubles others have had.

    Good luck! I've got some 12 inch dolls MIB I want to get rid of. Ought to be fun! But since I'll be riding to the PO in my chair, I'm waiting for warmer weather!
  15. There are pros and cons to selling on ebay. I know everyone gripes about the high fees, but let's face it, look at the size of the audience you're getting. I refuse to do another garage sale. When we cleaned out my grandmother's house, we had a ton of stuff to sell. My mother and I worked for days, cleaning things, pricing, and putting it all out. We ran the sale for three days. My net profit at the end of it was a whopping $60. I absolutely hated the people who would come up, see a set of six glasses for 30 cents, then ask me if I would take 25.

    What you have to do is look at your items realistically. Do completed auction searches to see what they have been selling for. Then, do an estimate of how much of a deduction you would get if you donated them. Sometimes it's better to just donate. You never know what will happen, one of my grandma's dog banks we couldn't sell at the garage sale for one dollar. I put it on ebay, and it sold for 42 dollars.