How can I get rid of dark knees?

  1. I went to the tanning salon and did the UV bed covering my knees while the rest of my body tanned, and it sort of worked but not really.

    for those who dont have dark knees how do you do it? what do you do/put on? thanks:confused1:
  2. Try MaMa Lotion. Google it for where to buy. I've never used it myself, but I've heard rave reviews about it on a skin care forum. I think it's genetic. No one in my family has dark knees.
  3. Im gonna check that out too - my daughter (10) has that problem. Thanks!
  4. My friend swears by lemons for her knees and elbows. She cuts them in half and rubs them in like you are making lemonade....she leans on a desk with her elbows in the lemons. I think she does it for around 10 minutes--she has great looking skin so it must be working for her. Would a foot pumice stone work with some type of scrub???? Also heavy lotion to keep your sking soft.
    That stuff on the above post to rub and scrape the dirty skin sounds like a foot cream that would take the dead skin off your feet. Any beauty store or even drug store sells these products. I never thought of using them on my knees but I have one by Sally Hansen to use on my hands, that might work.
  5. Whenever I do facial masks (the cloth kind), after I peel it off my face, I always wipe the remaining essence on my knees. Depending on what kind of mask I'm using, it either whitens or softens my knees. Hehe. :smile:
  6. When my brother started getting dark elbows, my mom and aunts told him to use lemons. You just cut it in half and rub it in. It's best to do it before/while you're in the shower. I did try lemons on my face a couple times when I was younger (and it would clear uo my face). It must be all the citric acid in the lemons!

    I should actually try this for my neck. (I recently found out that I have PCO and one of the symptoms of it was skin darkening in certain areas like neckline, armpit area, bikini/inner thighs)

  7. I was going to say the same thing......I heard Lemons work!! My grandma used to use 'em on her knees, and elbows.
  8. I guess you could have them surgically removed, but that empty space between your thighs and calves would look funny, especially if you like to wear short skirts.