How can I get odor out of my bag?

  1. I got a bag from eBay that came to me with a strong smoke odor. What can I do to get the odor out? Thanks in advance for any tips!!!
  2. What if you put dryer sheets inside? I know sometimes they remove the color from what they touch so I'd line it with paper towels or something similar and then put a few inside.

    If you don't like that idea what about sitting it outside for a few days in a row... you think that might work? :shrugs:
  3. I had it outside today, but I am afraid it may fade in the sun (I live in SUNNY South Florida) - do you think that's a possibility? Otherwise I can leave it outside on the patio to air out.
  4. In my experience smoke is a very difficult odor to remove completely. :sad: Is it something you wanted really bad? If not you might consider asking for a refund.

  5. What if you turn the bag inside out and then put it outside :idea:. What kind of bag is it...if it's a bv that should'nt be too hard and what color is the inside? :confused1:
  6. It's my Forresta Campeggio. I think I'll find a shady spot for it outside and leave it out there all day tomorrow. The smell isn't over-powering or anything, it is just obvious the seller was a smoker. I'm hoping the smell will fade over time.
  7. febreeze? maybe..
  8. sun shouldn't make it fade. It's high performance nylon material. :huh:

    And try to air it out along with putting snuggles/febreeze spray or sheets on it.
  9. Febreze works really well (my parents live in Europe, where everyone smokes) so we are used to getting that smoky smell out of our clothes. If only there was Febreze for hair and skin!
  10. hmmm ... I bough something "smokey" off eBay once, can't remember what it was (probably a purse!). Anywho, I laid it out for a couple of days and that didn't do it. Only after I allowed it to air out for like a week did the smell finally go away. So I think I agree with the rest - lay it out (for days) and throw in some Bounce sheets or Febreze. Let us know if it works!

  11. I like the scent of the Febreze Air Effects (the one that comes in an aerosol-like can), the "linen & sky" one. Also smells a little like a Bounce or Snuggle dryer sheet. It's good because it's light.

    I had used the original Febreze spray (kinda more liquidy like a Windex spray or 409 spray) on car seats that needed freshening, and got really nauseated by the smell eventually -- seemed too overpowering.

    Hope you can get the smoke smell out...I hate smoke, too!

    Otherwise the rumor is that Foresta will be re-released in Hawaii so you can always buy a replacement bag and sell yours lol.
  12. I would try sprinkling of baking soda, leave it on and than vacuum it off
  13. My dog threw up on my BV purse (long story). What I did was scrub the purse down with a damp towel. It got most of the odor out, then I sprayed some febreeze and the smell is gone completely.
  14. Which part of Europe are you talking about? Recently smoking has been banned from pubs, clubs, taxis and all places of work within the entire united kingdom. So you never have that smokey smell that you used to, but there were times that everytime you went for a lovely night out you would stink of smoke!

    Yay smoking ban :yahoo:
  15. I would say before putting it out in the sun, cause I think pretty much anything would lighten up in the sun if you leave it there too long, try the dryer sheets and the febreeze. And if that doesn't work maybe get a refund. I hope you are able to get it out though.