how can i get my hair to grow faster?

  1. How can i make my hair grow faster? any tricks??? thanks
  2. Take Biotin. It's a type of vitamin b and you will DEFINITELY notice a difference if you take it consistently. I've also heard rave reviews on and from doctor's that "omega-3 deep see fish oil" is great for hair, skin, AND nails.
  3. Prenatal vitamins make your hair and nails grow much faster.
  4. i agree with prenatal vitamins
  5. I think eating Jello and Gummy Bears also helps, as well as helping your nails.
  6. I don't know girls...I have been taking prenatal vitamins and biotin daily for over a year and mine is not growing any faster unfortunately.
  7. Hair cannot be made to grow faster unfortunately. Taking supplements and vitamins can help to strengthen hair as it grows, which can cause hair to achieve greater lengths rather than breaking or splitting. This is why people who do not get enough nutrition (annorexics, the otherwise ill, and those who due to social circumstances do not or cannot eat properly) have dull, lifeless hair. During pregnancy there is a hormonal change which can cause the shedding cycle of hair to slow down making hair look longer and thicker. After pregnancy this usually corrects itself, so it is not a permanent change.
  8. the prenatal seems to sound scary to me...
  9. :tup: Well said, Glamfoxx!

    Try to find a nutrionist in your area to get suggestions on how to get on a healthy diet. Taking vitamins is OK, but nothing beats eating the right grains, fruits, vegetables, fish (salmon is a great source of omega-3fatty acids), some meat (iron), etc.

    I know what it's like to have thin and lifeless hair and it was when my weight was at it's lowest, because I wouldn't eat. That wasn't fun :tdown:.
  10. i take a hair, skin & nail vitamin and idk but my hair grows like had all fallen out from bleach and once i started taking the hair vitamins it grew back fast & thick
  11. Really? Are U serious? Oh gosh that happened to me! I used to have very long, white blonde hair. But an accident at the hairdresser in december 2006, made it snap, break and go AWFUL.

    Nearly a year later, its a short flicky style as I wait ever so patiently for it to grow longer (and in the meantime, I also get the old blonde bits cut off).

    What did you take to make it grow back?? I miss my long hair so much!! Everyone at school used to call me Rapunzel!! :crybaby: I miss my hair
  12. aww i know how u feel...sorry that happened to hair is dark but i tried to go all just broke off....i used to just have little pieces of hair standing straight up in the air that i had to gel down:s

    after i started taking my vitamins, it all grew back..idk the name brand but they have them at most drug stores..its just called "hair, skin & nail vitamins"..
    i also have taken a hair vitamin from solaray but i just started taking that...i think if u look up or ask for the "hair, skin & nail" vitamin you'll find it...i eat a healthy diet as well but the vitamins worked for me..i still take them and my hair is surprisingly, to me, very nice...super long, thick.. i dont use the blow dryer either and i moisturize alot but the vitamins were what made it grow back for me. hope they help you!! i'll try to find the name brand and post it..i know they are like $6.00 for the bottle
  13. Oh thats excellent! :smile:
    Thanks very much for the info! Yes i'd always seen this sort of product (though it had a different brand name) advertised at my local chemist. But I was too scared to try it... I think I just get nervous when it comes to pills but Im yet to hear of any dodgy side effects (if any).

    Ive been asking around and have gathered some great tips:
    1. Healthy diet & plenty of water (goes without saying really)
    2. Taking suppliments for 'hair, skin & nails'
    3. Taking an Omega 3 Oil supplements (my mum swears by this stuff. Good for your heart too!)
    4. Regular trims every 4-6 weeks to reduce split ends
    5. Moisturising creams and leave-ins
    6. Reducing harsh colouring/heat styling

    Of course, it must be remembered that perhaps it may not kickstart the hair into growing faster, but much more stronger instead. As Glamfoxx kindly mentioned earlier;
    "Taking supplements and vitamins can help to strengthen hair as it grows, which can cause hair to achieve greather lengths rather then breaking or splitting."

    So If you've got ultra-strong hair, it will have no problem growing to longer lengths. And besides, it cant hurt to try! :yes:
    Im gunna buy a bottle next time Im at the shops!