how can I get an inexpensive (new) St John knit suit?

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  1. thread, I need to buy a St John black suit (the santana knit) for about 70% off. Has anybody bought St John discounted like this? I'd live some advice!! thx
  2. I see St. John discounted at Nordstrom Rack and Off Fifth. I'd also try consignment shops, but only if you don't mind if it's slightly used.
  3. there is an outlet store at Sawgrass mills florida
  4. Definitely head to Nordstrom Rack/ I see a ton of St John there
  5. Find an outlet and get on their e-mail list. I have many items at 75% off. I have a sales associate who emails pictures too.
  6. I got an inexpensive jacket-originally $1,000 and I paid $125 for it at BELK. You need a store though that carried the high end clothing which is not available in Atlanta stores. I got lucky because someone returned it to the Phipps Plaza Store. :biggrin:
  7. My Last Call has loads of St. John.
  8. My mom goes to the company store in Los Angeles. Rumor is that you have to know someone who works for the company in order to shop at the company store.
  9. Las Vegas has a outlet. I got a motto style leather jacket $1795 marked down to $250. I love it, fits like it was tailor made for me.
  10. sells authentic designer items and they specialize in ST Johns suits.