how can i get a sophie?

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  1. I reallly want a sophie after seeing it on others, i think it's the perfect night bag! Anyway I'm not very knowledgable on LV shopping...can I just have them send it to me from Hawaii? How can I get one? Thanks!
  2. the only way you can get a mono sophie is through resale (eBay etc.). if you're talking about the damier sophie, you need to have purchase history with any of the hawaii boutiques (purchased something in person).
  3. I think your best bet is to try eBay. Only buy from a seller that is reputable. You can have the TPF girls and guys help with authentication! Good Luck, it is a great bag!
  4. try eBay, and also, stalk let-trade, because he gives fair pricing, and super super super super fast shipment.
  5. If you go through ebay, definitely get it authenticated on tpf. Good luck! :smile:
  6. ^^^ Yup! :yes:

    Your only hope would be through eBay BUT be very careful as who you buy it from.

    I would suggest that you list the link of the auction in the --- Authenticate This Louis Vuitton --- thread and let the fellow LV tPFers authenticate it for you before you make a purchase.

    Good Luck!