How can I find legitimate website who sell authentic designer website?handbag

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  1. I would like to buy authentic designer handbag online but I do not know how to find legitimate website that sell authentic designer handbag.Please anyone tell me.I was scammed by website and I do not want to be fool again.Thanks
  2. I think all brands have different authentic website favorites. But even trusted consignment sites have been caught listing fakes. So the best is to get a bag authenticated by the respective forums here before buying.
  3. Welcome rklao! In every designer thread there is a sticky with a listing of trustworthy e-tailers. There you will find lists and can feel comfortable from buying from.

    Happy shopping! :smile:
  4. I have purchased from fashionphile and was 100 percent satisfied...totally authentic Louis Vuitton wallet...will definitely buy from them again
  5. I purchased from Mosh Posh in Tampa, they have wonderful customer service.