how can i darken my luggage tag?!

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  1. does anyone have any 'at home remedies' to make my luggage tag match my speedy? the tag is brand new and the speedy is a few years old; same with the cabas alto thats on the way to me.
  2. you can try that apple stuff, forgot the exact name...but from the pictures i've seen it tends to turn the vachetta darker. you can try to do a search for cleaning your bag, and the name will appear in some of the threads.
  3. Try placing it in a sunny window. Also if you just start carrying it a lot, it will darken quickly just from being exposed and used
  4. my boyfriend works at a tanning salon, do you think we could take the tag tanning with us?!
  5. You can also try leaving it inside your car on a sunny day....but be careful so that you don't darken your tag too much!
  6. Hold it in your hands (wash them first though :smile:)
  7. go tanning and take it with you!
  8. You really should let the patina develop on its own I have seen too many people ruin pieces that they tried to adjust manually - sun works and also just leaving it out of a dust bag will help a bit - the more use the more the patina :smile:
  9. Baby wipes and sun... that's how I darkened my luggage tag to match a Speedy in 2 days...
  10. Please look here Patina FAQs
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.