How can i clean my gucci bag?

  1. hi girls! i have a gucci bag and over the year, its gotten quite dirty.. i was wondering if i can use detergent and water to clean?
  2. I personally wouldnt take the risk, instead take it to a highend dry cleaner!!! I once knew someone that tried washing her bag and it TOTTALLY ruined it :sad:

    I wouldnt want that to happen to your baby!!!!

    But i TOTTALLY would be interested if someone out there has a special method for washing their babies!!!!
  3. my friend told me the exact same thing.. to not risk ruining the bag! i dont see whats wrong with it though.. cuz its only going to be soap and water!! i think im going to make a quick call to gucci tomorrow morning =)
  4. You can try using babywipes. They work great to get most of the surface dirt off. Also Coach makes a great fabric clearner. I am assuming your Gucci is fabric.