How can I clean my chanel and LV purses?

  1. Hello, Can any one help what I can I do to clean my chanel and LV Purse?
  2. I bring my chanel's to the chanel boutique for them to clean them
  3. Oh okay... good to know-Thanks!!

    It because my boyfriend just bought me a white one and I know I will need it clean very often.
  4. I just brought a black lambskin into Chanel to be cleaned, it's going to take about 3 months. Also, I have a beige Chanel GST and I was told by my Chanel SA to get the Coach leather cleaner. I'd try it on a hidden spot first, I haven't tried it yet but I did go to Coach and buy it.
  5. I have a white jumbo caviar Chanel classic flap, and I clean it with Apple Guard leather products (specifically the leather cleaner, conditioner, and water/stain repellent spray). I highly recommend all three products. I bought them online from, it wasn't expensive and the bottles go a long way!

    Those products I just mentioned are for leather, so you could use them on LV leather bags but I'm not sure about using it on their canvas bags.

    HTH! :flowers: