How can I change my listing to include Worldwide shipping ???

  1. Hi, so yesturday I listed an item of clothing on eBay UK, when I went through my listing to put postage amount in, only "Domestic postage cost" was coming up No Worldwide and nothing for me to include worldwide. So I just finished my listed and then tried to edit it to include worldwide postage but its not coming up at all, still only the domestic cost. What should I do ?? Thanks
  2. Click "revise listing." Then click "show options." Scroll down to the shipping portion of the page, and you should have a box that says, "ship to the following countries" with options you can click. I hope this helps!
  3. Or you can add to the item description.
  4. Yes, add it in your description and revise your listing. Do it before there's bidder.
  5. Thanks !! I changed the listing, eBay keeps updating things and its harder, I wish they would leave the listing options alone
  6. The last few items I listed, I completed all the info for international shipping. When I previewed the listing, the international shipping info showed. Yet the listed item shows no internaitonal listing. I wonder why this keeps happening?