how can i care for my coach hobo? thanks!

  1. can someone help me and tell me how i can wash/clean this?


  2. baby wipes. or just mild soap and water.
  3. I had this bag, and used mild soap and water.
  4. oo i have the same bag and i love it..but it gets dirty so easily. soap and water didnt work so well =/
  5. i have it in the tote...and it takes a bit of scrubbing, but it'll come clean.
  6. Keep in mind, it is a white bag so you have to be more careful but like kallison said- it's simple to clean if you keep on top of it and it will come clean with a little elbow grease!
  7. Oh yeah, I have this one. I baby it when I take it out just cause it's white. Warm water and mild soap should do the trick for light soiling or stains from regular use. :yes:
  8. thanks everyone. wat kind of sponge do you guys use? hmm yeah i have regular use spots/dirty-ness.
  9. i dont use a sponge, i just rub my hands over a bar of dove mild soap to get a nice lather and then start rubbing away at the dirt on the but does take some major scrubbing at times.