How can I become a powerseller or MPRS?

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  1. Hi all, I know I can log onto Ebay to read on the conditions of how to become an Ebay powerseller or my poupette recommended seller. Besides the fine print (and lazy), I would like to know if some of you are willing to share your tips on how you became successful on Ebay? My feedbacks are 100% postitive and I want to be one of those sellers which you can see "ME and Powerseller" icons around the username!! :P

  2. The ME icon is the "About Me" page. That indicates the seller has info on who they are. You can easily get that ME icon next to your name if you create a ABOUT ME page.

    As for becoming a Powerseller, you have to sell atleast $1,000 per month consistently. Once you go below $1,000, you lose your PS status.

    Hope that helped somehow! :smile:
  3. I have become a powerseller a few times, but lost it as soon as I had a month of low/no sales. I did not notice anything different with being a powerseller than not being one. As for MPRS...I think that you have to have sold a certain amount of authentic designer bags before you can apply, and I think it costs money...I am not certain, though. MPRS is not affiliated with ebay.
  4. The only way to become a power seller is to sell $1000 dollars in merchandise every month, (or 100 items)for an average of 3 months and maintain that. You have to have a certain number of fb (not sure how many) as well.

    You can make your about me page whenever you want.

    With power seller you can save up to 20% on your FVF's, you get the seller protection to ship anywhere confirmed address or not, you get boosted higher in search results, there are a few more benefits but you can check them out at the power seller portal.
  5. MPRS is not affiliated with eBay. The criteria is on the MyPoupette website.
  6. To be a PowerSeller you have to have over 100 feedback. I sell well over $1000 per month on ebay and I'm not a Powerseller yet....soon, though!