How can ebay sellers make a profit on current bags?

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  1. I cannot understand how an authentic Coach bag that is still available in the full price boutiques or on the website be sold on Ebay for less than the boutique price and the seller make a profit. Can anyone fill me in? I've been afraid to buy thinking they couldn't be authentic!
  2. Maybe some of the sellers are SAs and buy it at discount. That's my only guess.
  3. Maybe bought with an employee discount? :confused1:
  4. I was going to guess employee discount as well.
  5. I saw this a lot when I worked at Target. I agree, probably employee discount, or occasionally PCE maybe.
  6. ^^^I agree. Has to be employee discount. I think they get at least 50% off.
  7. Must be employee discount, or PCE.
  8. Sometimes I see people buy things at the outlet that are still in boutique or on, and outlets take 40% off, sometimes more.
  9. Yeah, they could be return items that have been sent to the outlet.
  10. And SA's must get first dibs on all the good stuff sent to the outlet.
    I dont understand how Coach can have a full price item at the store and on the website AND at the outlet deeply discounted at the same time? Why would they do that? Do they think we are clueless?
  11. They count on people not being able to get to an outlet. Also when things are still on the website or in boutiques, generally those particular items are hard to find at outlets. Generally they are returns or they show up in small quantities. There are some exceptions to that, but it doesn't hurt them to also make the product available at a higher price.
  12. employees have allotments so at max one employee if they don't get caught (it's against the rule to make a profit) can buy maybe 8-12..a year

    my store has had a lot of hit and runs before security guards were hired, still there's occasional thefts in smaller quanities (eg just a bag or a few small leather goods) when it's busy and SAs can't keep eyes on all customers at all times

    I wouldn't be surprised if some of the bags on there are stolen goods..actually I'll bet on it
  13. ^^ ewww... That's terrible...
  14. I wondered if certain sellers have purposely bought unrepairable Coach bags on the bay (or wherever), sent them in to Coach to get "repaired" betting that Coach will send them the full credit, then use the credit to buy a new bag, sell it at a lower price on the bay, and still make a hefty profit.
  15. ^^^ think that happens?