How can a seller protect themselves when they sell a gift card?

  1. Hey all, I am selling a gift card to a clothing store and am a little nervous this time around (I've sold several in the past without problems and have 100% feedback). I got a question from someone who asked if they could return it if "it was stolen or not activated" and not worth the amount I stated in the auction (as if I would do something like that, but anyway :cursing: ) I don't accept returns except for if the gift card comes to the buyer not worth the specified amount, which I know this one is because I got the balance right before I listed it. I got to thinking, what if someone did purchase it, use it, then try to file a Paypal claim? How could you prove that it was a valid gift card when you sent it? I know it can be scary for buyers to purchase gift cards, but what about sellers in this case?
  2. I would write down the phone number and information on the back so you can call and check again if need be....maybe even try and get a good pic of the info for proof.

    My reason being is that it would probably tell the time and date the card was used. If you have the info she wouldn't be able to pic up "any" inactivated gift card in the store and use the info on the back to "proove" to paypal it wasn't good.

    Other than that I have no idea, I have never sold a gift card....she probably is just worried about it being fake, but you are smart to protect yourself.

  3. can you go to the store that the gift card is from and get them to print a reciept with the balance on it??? then possibly send it or a copy with the card so they know it is active and has that amount on it
  4. keep the original receipt and make a scan of the card both front/back. Follow every one of the Seller Protection Policies - extremely important that you ship to confirmed address and get signature confirmation if the total (including S/H) is $250 or more. Personally, I probably get signature confirmation regardless of the amount. Thats about it, because in the event someone tries to chargeback, I believe credit card companies do not automatically allow chargebacks on gift cards as those are treated differently under most CC terms (sort of treated like cash/cash advances, I believe). The buyer would have to go thru additional steps to prove the money wasn't in the card to begin with. Keep the phone number of the back of the card because it can be used to verify activity on the card by dates, amounts, etc. Good luck!
  5. You could go to the store of the gift card and get a printout showing the balance on the card. I get 2 copies, one for myself and one to send with the GC. I've sold several and never had a problem.
  6. GREAT ideas! I'll definitely go by the store to get a balance printout. Thanks guys!