How 'bout a double zippy fast reveal?

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  1. The fed-ex man brought me a couple of little goodies to share. No long drawn out reveal today: zcp in pomme and comete rose bandeau for my PN
  2. Beautiful! Congrats. That bandeau is lovely.
  3. Love it!! Congrats!!
  4. congrats!!
  5. Lovely pieces! We are twins with the Pomme ZCP. Congrats!
  6. Beautiful! Congrats!
    I love the pomme color and the bandeau stands out a lot!
    Good idea about using it as a drawstring for the petit noe! (=
  7. Lovely!!! Congrats!
  8. congrats i love the bandeau!
  9. Beautiful pieces. Looks great on your epi noe!!
  10. Congrats! They all look so cute together!
  11. Congrats! Really :heart: the ZCP!
  12. congrats!
  13. So pretty! :woohoo:
  14. Congrats!!
  15. Congrats on your lovely new purchases!