How big ??

  1. I am really tempted and thinking about buying a black annie as they are so cheap and I don`t have a black bag !
    Am I to small to carry one:confused1: , i`m 5 feet 3 inches and small framed.

    I know they are quite heavy and quite a long bag , I think I might be a tad to small to pull it off ??

    Honest answers Pleeeease ...
  2. Have a look at Chaz's modelling pic as she's tiny and just 3 inches taller than you. I'm 5ft 2ins but a 16 so the size of it was OK as it kind of evened out my bum! It is quite a long bag but big bags do look good.
    It is a brilliant price for a classic bag. Another possibility for your size would be the Alana which I have in black. It's a fab size and def not too heavy or big. It's £247 at the outlets at the mo.
  3. Thanks , I suppose that with the Mulberry sale on , lots of people buy bags that they normally would not buy and may well regret it later on, just buying on impulse.
  4. I'm def guilty of that! I've bought the black Annie - waiting for it to arrive. I tried it at the outlet and didn't buy because I felt it was a bit boxy for me and then I go and buy it in the sale!! I've a feeling it may well go back.
  5. I bought a black Annie and I absolutely love it :heart: I don't find it too heavy, certainly no worse than my Bayswater.
  6. I find it lighter than my Roxy,by a long way,and it does'nt fit as much in. But still I can get all I need in it as its not tiny!!
  7. Hi everyone!

    oops! I bought one too! Totally on impulse! hmm... the bag i really wanted was a bayswater! It hasnt arrived yet so I'll wait and see if it gets returned! I see they've completely taken it off the website? Does that mean they plan to discontinue it?

    Sarajane: Is it really £247 in the outlets? Thats insane! Is that Shepton mall?

  8. Has any one got a picture of an alana , I`m not to sure what they look like ???
  9. It's the smaller version of the Emmy except it has just one shoulder strap (which I much prefer).
  10. If anyone wants an Annie,I'd get on it sharpish,I found one of the last ones in the UK via the Manchester Mulberry shop,and they have a computer than can check stock nationwide of all Mulberry stockists,concessions in dept stores too from what I can gather after today!!!

    OO, just to add I think all colors are nearly gone,and I rang all the outlets etc,oak was def gone everywhere I tried before I rang M/C Mulb
  11. I'm about to return my black one to the Mulberry website so there will be one floating around. It's going back tomorrow.
  12. They still had a few in Oak and black at Nottingham H of F last saturday, for £298.
  13. I`m going to have a final look and decide tomorrow (if they have any left that is ?)

    Will post pictures if I get one - oh yeh ( with my head attached next time !!)

    I think that DH thinks must secretly think that I`ve joined a dating agency or something dodgy :nuts: as in all of the last pictures he chopped my bloody head off !!

    He said that it wouldn`t all fit into the picture- but he managed to capture my knees :p

    I spend so much time on here I think he`s beginning to resent it :p
  14. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed.....thought this thread was gonna be about something else :p:roflmfao:

    I can't help you as my Annie STILL hasn't arrived :hysteric:
  15. You are sooooo bad!!!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    You should go to the meatball thread in the kitchen forum!!!