How big or small is this bag.. really?

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    Anyone have the Signature Stripe Small Hobo? I'm deciding if I should get it for someone.. shes a very small frame.. like 4'10" (around there) and shes very petite! I wonder if that purse would be a good size on her? ^^;
    She's been using this really bad bag (imho) that she apparently bought at walmart.. XD!
    She's not much for the Coach label (the C's all over it) but I think since this bag has the nice big stripe going on.. you don't see much of the C's and I think it's a really cute bag..

    Any more opinions would be AWESOME!!

    Thank youu! :heart:3:tup:
  2. I think it's a good size for her. It would be too small for me, but I think it would be perfect for someone petite. Does she prefer smaller bags or big ones (a la Olsen twins)? If she likes small to medium sized bags (relative to her frame) go for it. :smile: That's a great present!
  3. I love these bags (I'm 5'3) - I think they hold just enough and I think she'd like that bag - great friend!
  4. I think the bag is extremely cute and would go perfect with her...but it won't be that practical if she carries alot of stuff.
  5. The size is good for a small person. It doesn't hold alot- I have this same one and took it on my Cruise. It fit sunglasses cellphone, wristlet for my wallet and a couple small things---was very light to carry around.
  6. ^^Agreed...and since she's small it'll work over her shoulder, too.
  7. Oh! Shes been talking about how shes needs a smaller purse.. and Her current purse (ueuk! haha) is like 10 x 3 inches max.. so I think that coach would be right around that size. ^^;
  8. I have it in denim. I havent used it yet (oopsie i have too many new bags!!! :angel:) but it is a good size- perfect for going out at night or even during the day when you dont have too many things to carry.
  9. Anyone have any modeling pictures? :biggrin:

    I would really love to see it worn! ^^
  10. what an awesome friend! where are my awesome friends? :p
  11. good size for her and not me...