How big is too big?

  1. Obviously large handbags are in right now..... But where do you draw the line?

    I saw a women with a bag today that she probably could have fit her VW bug into.

    It just looked that ridiculous!
  2. If it looks like a carry-on bag or luggage--it's too big.
  3. I like big bags too - but you have to look in the mirror!! If it is way out of proportion, it isn't chic, it's silly.
  4. Have to agree. A big bag on some may not be so big on others.

    Personally I love a big bag. I just got the Dior Gaucho tote and it's perfect for me. Hold a LOT. Mind you, on my frame/for my needs anything bigger would just look silly as all hell haha.
  5. Here's your sign:

    If Ashley/MK Olsen come up to you and they comment on how much they like the size of your bag......chances are, your bag is tooo big!
  6. This is too least for me as a bag.
  7. I think a bag is too big is when you look into the mirror and you see your bag but not yourself
  8. if it's bigger than the top half of my body then i know it's way too big.
  9. I like a BIG bag but that green bag looks like she's carrying a toddler in it. What possible need do you have for a bag to be that big unless you are homeless. I think you need enough room for stuff you need for a day's outing. Anything more and you need a suitcase.
  10. I'm not a huge fan of really big bags for me personally simply because I have no use for them. I have one large Burberry tote though that I adore but I use it for class. Other than that, I hardly carry much around so I don't find a need for larger bags. They are cute on others though!
  11. I have some big bags and I guess, if u r going on a trip or something, and u want everything in one place, then it's a good idea, but definitely, not if u r going shopping or hanging out with friends...
  12. I see a lot of people looking for "Business" Bags with enough room to store file folders and portfolios, and then have a matching smaller handbag to match. Those I can understand.....and even those that want to combine the two and have one bag that is classy enough for the business environment... But you're right....what could they possibly need that green bag for? Three pairs of spare shoes and an old school Zach Morris brick phone? :biggrin:
  13. I agree.
  14. It depends on who's carrying it. I love love love big bags! Maybe 18' and over in length is too much.
  15. LOL! That is WAY too big IMO! I agree though, it should not look like luggage or like you are going to tip over carrying it!